PEW PEW Instructor Week

IMG_0644.JPGThis week I shot a lot of rounds through my duty weapon as I participated in the NRA Law Enforcement Handgun Instructor course in Pierre. I learned right away on Monday morning that it don’t really matter what gun I have I can pick it up and shoot it. We started the week out with the state Qual and then jumped into the classroom. Once we got out to the range I was handing a gun like I knew I could and quickly found my muscle memory on things such as “tactical reloads.” My accuracy was spot on and I was shooting much quicker than most of the class. I have always known that a lot of cops are poor shooters, well the same goes for many of the future “instructors” in this class.

I made it until Wednesday before I caused a case of butthurt. As we were lined up on the line the instructors had all of us line up and they split us in half. The task was draw and fire 2 rounds at 7 yards. Both must be “hits” within the scoring area of a NRA target. On my attempt I drew and shot 2 rounds that could have been covered by my palm in 1.14 seconds from my duty holster which got me into the finals. The other guy who who was one of those high speed low drag “taciticool” type of guys shot his first one in the 1.2’s. I won the coin toss and elected to go first. I shot it in a 1.21 again with both shots center mass and able to be covered with the palm of my hand. He felt the pressure and raced. he shot it faster than me with a 1.20 but hit first shot missed the scoring area and the second almost missed out the other side. He was a gracious loser to my face but then bitched behind my back the remainder of the week.

Worked on several other skills and on Thursday we did the qualification of for the class. This was a easy but  tough qualification since they required 100% of the shots to be in the grey torso area and only 2 could be outside the line. The qual was 4 shots at the 25 in 20 seconds, at the 15 was 3 shots reload to kneeling 3 shots in 15 seconds, at the 7 we shot 3 in 3.5 seconds twice and then moved to the 3 where we shot SHO and WHO.

I cleaned the qual and all the shots were perfect and didn’t even break the line. after that the instructors made us shoot it agin with the guys who didn’t pass it. The catch of shooting it a second time we had to shoot it with our support hand. So I had to draw and grip the gun like a lefty and even do my reloads like a lefty. Out of all the guys who had to shoot it that way I was the only one who passed. Shooting with my weak hand is way easier  when I can use my strong hand as support.

On Friday we were working from our “off duty” concealed gear. I usually practice my draws and reloads for about 10 minutes once a week so I’m not great at it but I would consider myself comfortable with it. On Thursday the instructors had mentioned that we would be doing 2 “fun” drills and having a little competition from our conceal gear they mentioned a Vice Prez and the F.A.S.T Drill. I was really looking forward to the F.A.S.T. because I’ve never done one and was wondering how I would do. Once we got to shooting I noticed that I was typically done shooting WAAAAAYYYYY before the others had started to shoot. I don’t know if it was a matter of time constraints or trying to level the playing field but we suddenly didn’t do the F.A.S.T. or Vice Prez. We instead went from low ready fired 2 to the body and 1 to the head as our final ‘competition’. Mr. Tactical raced like a motherfucker and shot it in 1.07 with really shitty hits but all were in so it counted, but he was flirting with disaster. I have a slight problem with accuracy so my 2 nicely grouped hits and a really nice headshot in 1.23 gave me second place. So he got his coin.

Finished out the day with presentations and the final written exam. I have one class that I will have to take in either October or February before I’m officially recognized as a instructor by the state. It was great to get some training in with my duty and carry gear and I did pick up a few things. Didn’t dry-fire much this week although my stuff was with me. I was fairly busy playing counselor for my roommate and friend who was having a confidence issue. Guy can shoot well and can teach, but if it were possible to pull once mind out of their head and fuck it, he is a master of it. I will get back to it this week and get ready for the remainder of the season.


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