Match Review – 8/7/16

So I have been suffering a major case of burnout the fast couple of weeks. My training the last month had been minimal due to scheduling conflicts and pure lack of focus. Most of my trigger time the past couple of weeks has been on my department issue M&P with minimal on my G19 that I carry everyday. None has been spent on my G17. I entered the match on Sunday with a goal to shoot like I had been all year which is usually 80% of Jon in Production. Jon decided to show up and push like crazy to see the wheels fall off. He accomplished that and I ended up beating him. I did only manage to take 2nd place. The guy who beat me usually is about 10% behind me when he shows up. He either had a good match or I was just way the hell off. My guess is I was way off. I ended up shooting way too many C’s this match and it showed.

Stage 5: Tight Squeeze (99-48)

11 – A
1 – C
8.2 seconds
7.0732 HF

Started out on this stage. Nothing like shooting a classifier cold. Almost threw a Mike into the hardcover but enough of it made it in. Felt good about the run which should be about a 71% run when the calculations are run.

Stage 6:

11 – A
5 – C
11.45 seconds
6.1135 HF

This stage was set up in the same bay as the classifier so we went straight over to it. Gun was unloaded and staged on a barrel outside the shooting box. We had to load the gun from the belt and then go back to the shooting box to sit in a chair. The 2 far targets on either side of the array needed 3 shots each. I had a slight hiccup in my counting but caught myself fairly quickly. Otherwise it was a good fast stage.

Stage 1:

15 – A
3 – C
29.26 seconds
4.9214 HF

Stage almost went as planned. I made a change in my programming and decided on a different stage plan a couple of shooters before I shot. Did everything the way I wanted until the steel plates at the end. I had a few too many make up shots throwing me into slide lock on the last plate. I burned easily 2.5 to 3 seconds reaching for my mags, doing a reload and then dropping the plate. I questioned myself afterward and thought I would have taken the Mike and stopped. My calculations have me doing better at taking the Mike. Not upset with myself but it is good to know for the future.

Stage 2:

12 – A
9 – B
12 – C
1 – D
1 – NS
45.87 seconds
2.5943 HF

HOLY FUCKING NO SHOOTS!!! Fun and complexed stage that didn’t have a single open target. I took a couple of long shots at targets that were available at a closer distance but had to deal with shooting around barrels and seemed to end up with less available target space. I didn’t see anyone shoot them like I did and I didn’t have a miss, partly to my insurance shots. I shot a little more conservative on this stage because I didn’t want to hit a no shoot. That caused me to leave a ton of points on the table. I will need to work on my confidence with no shoots and not leaving so many points on the table. My no shoot came on the swinger. I clipped the edge of the no shoot just enough to break the perf.

Stage 3:

11 – A
10 – C
1 – D
24.74 seconds
4.2846 HF

Not a bad stage for me. I shot it as planned but still threw WAAAAAYYYYY to many C’s. I need to clean that up and keep my speed that I had.

Stage 4:

6 – A
7 – C
1 – D
12.71 seconds
2.5177 HF

Well that jerk Mike decided to come out to play. Everything seemed to be good and smooth. I again dropped too many points. The no shoots were on the third to last target and the last target. Don’t know what happened on the last one but the first mike was more than likely me moving the gun to soon since I was able to see that I had clipped the non-scoring border.

I placed 2nd or 3rd on most of the stages throughout the day. I took 2nd in Production and 7th overall. I need to get back to work and finish out the season on a strong note. I need to tighten up my accuracy again and work on my speed as well. Looks like it will be time for partials and 25-yard shooting. I have 2 local matches left for the year. I plan on bringing out the limited gun for the last match of the year on September 4th to see if I can jump my classification to B class since the 59.34% is really starting to bug me.


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