Time for Limited

With a limited amount of training the past few weeks due to a little bit of burn out I have finally got back to somewhat of a decent training schedule to start out this week. I am back to working out like I NEED to do with a ultimate plan of gaining strength and dropping weight before taking another stab at the whole agility game again. The last plan I started on I jacked up my back in my second week and I think it had a lot to do with having a weaker core. Since the injury I have just been dabbling in the working out thing and need to focus. I will still be working on cardio twice a week but it will mostly  be distance running and biking.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to shoot the September 4th club match in Limited to get 1 more classifier for the year in for that division. Now I’m thinking about shooting it for the last 2 club matches of the year. I think part of my burnout is lack of change. I think that switching it up may bring me out of the funk. My last 2 dry-fire sessions were more like going through the motions without a lot a motivation. I think the Glock 22 will have to come out of the safe tonight and see what it will do for me. If that’s what I decide I will have to pick up some ammo for it and maybe try to squeeze a quick practice session in with it this week if I can carve out some time with all the time I’ll be spending at work.

After the last club match I may continue to shoot for a few more weeks before taking an official break. I have a wishlist of new toys I want to play with so those may be coming this winter… or I’ll just spend the funds on powder, primers, and bullets.


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