Match Summary September 4, 2016

It appears as if I have been absent for the past few weeks. I did get video posted from the August 21st match but didn’t really do much else with it. I took my first shot at Limited division for an entire match. Overall it was a great learning experience and found out how fast was too fast. I finished 14th overall and 6th of 20 in Limited. Without all the Mikes and No Shoots I would have been 6th overall and 2nd in Limited. 

Today I set a goal of shooting fast but trying to dial the speed back a little bit on the harder shots. Match went as according to plan minus 2 Mikes on Stage 2. Here is the breakdown of the match.

Stage 1:

A – 23
C – 1
D – 2
6.6515 HF
21.95 Seconds

Good stage even with the SNAFU of getting into a groove and not reloading where I planned and running the gun dry. If I didn’t go 1 for 1 on steel I would of been hosed. Once the gun went dry it did throw off my mental game causing me to slow down a little too much. Overall it was a good stage with great hits.

Stage 2:

A – 10
C – 8
D – 4
M – 2
6.6515 HF
27.41 Seconds

Second stage of the day and I made a couple of mistakes. On the left swinger I waited too long for it to appear through the port and should of been shooting at other things. I ended up getting rushed for time and threw one of my misses. The other miss I had on the stage came on a target that when I looked at it and maybe it was a double maybe it wasn’t. The hole was a little elongated but I didn’t see enough of a grease ring to make me want to count it so I said it was probably a Mike and the RO took it at that. If I had fully remembered calling my shot on the target I may have questioned it.

Stage 3:

A – 19
B – 1
C – 8
4.8059 HF
31.42 Seconds

Good stage with only one thing I would consider a hiccup. I didn’t set up into my second position properly and burnt some time that didn’t need to be lost. Oh well.

Stage 4: Tick Tock (13-05)

A – 15
B – 1
8.2550 HF
9.57 Seconds

This should dig my ass out of C class. Everything went as planned except maybe the near No Shoot, but it was an Alpha and didn’t break the perf so maybe not… I could have maybe sped it up a touch but it was still great. It should calculate out to a 76% making it my first A class classifier.

Stage 5: 

A – 20
B – 2
C – 2
5.6327 HF
25.92 Seconds

Good finish to the day. Decent speed and great hits. Could have been a little better but can’t complain.

Final Thoughts:

I finish out the day 7th overall and 3rd of 25 in Limited to a B class shooter and shooting 81% of a Limited Master. For my second shot at Limited I think I did great. Season is over as for what I have planned and may try to pick up a few matches in Omaha this fall and winter but am still undecided. I will keep live fire training a few times in the next couple of months and plan on trying to acquire a Carry Optics gun this winter and maybe dabbling with an optic for a bit to see if it helps with iron sights like Max Michel says it does. I think 2017 will be a good year to reach A class in 3 divisions…


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