End of Season Thoughts

Well at this current moment in time my 2016 season is over. I may try to do the November match at Eastern Nebraska Practical Shooters or the the October match in Fargo. Tim did mention the Zombie match on October 30th but all that is still in the air depending on time. Ultimately those would be just for fun if I do.

My 2016 season started out with a bang. I put in a lot of time in the garage starting out in October doing dry-fire. I really pushed speed mode in the dry-fire and had a strong focus on accuracy mode in live-fire. As the season neared I found it a little difficult switching from accuracy mode to speed mode or even into match mode. As the season progressed it became a little easier. I had a goal of making A class this year but I just struggled hitting my stride. I did accomplish jumping into B-class in 2 divisions.

I had the opportunity to train with Bob Vogel this year and picked up a few tips and pointers. In July I shot my first major match. Great Plains Sectional was hot as hell and long but it was still a good time. I didn’t do as well as expected but I think I had my expectations set a little high. Gave me a good starting point for majors and a bar that I can only improve on in the future. I wanted to shoot more majors this year but had some family and work things get in the way. I have a plan for what I want to get to next year so I will have to see how they will fit into the cards.

I will be taking off the next couple of months from dry-fire and start gearing up for next season. I will not take as much time off as I did last year and will continue live-fire even though I’m not doing things dry. I will be trying to hit the ground running hard next spring and hopefully I don’t lose a step.

One of the things I want to try to do this off season is work with a slide mounted red dot. This is due to a couple of reasons. First off is I’m curious what its like to shoot with one. Second is to see if I benefit in the long run after working with one. For example I can’t shoot iron sights with 2 eyes open. I have tried and tried and just can’t. I have noticed that while playing and holding a few guns with the optic I can EASILY find the dot and keep both eyes open. I want to see if that will help me break through a few speed issues as well as make shooting iron sight easier. Maybe it’s the case, maybe it’s not. But I do remember reading something a while back that Max Michel said or wrote that laid out the benefits of shooting with a red dot and then moving back to iron sights, and thought it made sense. I just wish I could find that article now. I also need to get some more time on the AR platform this winter. Shooting it isn’t much of a problem, I just need more work on the manipulations.

As for my 2016 goal I did accomplish a few of them. I did shoot close to 15,000 rounds. Majority of them were through my production gun with the rest through my duty weapon, limited gun, and my EDC. I did beat Jon this year, although it was when he burned it down causing the wheels to fall off. I will still take it even though I kinda shot like shit that match as well. I met my goal of B class but missed the goal of A class so obviously that will be the goal for 2017. Based on my recent classifiers from the end of the year that probably won’t be a huge problem as long as I put in the work. I’ll be evaluating what my goals for 2017 will be around January. In the mean time shoot and reload ammo.


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