A Little PEW PEW Time


Last Friday I had the day off of work so I volunteered as an RSO at the OAC for the afternoon. I figured with the rainy shitty weather we would have been busier but it was slow. I ended up grabbing my gear and heading into the range myself for a bit of a session.

I worked on a bunch of Bill Drills from the low ready and the table at various distances from 7 to 25 yards. I discovered that I have a few trigger control issues creeping back in and pushing my shots a little to the left as the speed increases. It isn’t a bad and gets less as the speed decreases with distance so I should be able to work it out in dry-fire. As for my times and hits at 25 yards I’m seeing some improvement. If I focus on what I’m doing I can pull off a time in the mid 4 second range and average 3-4 Alphas and the rest as close Charlies. I would prefer all Alphas but I’m working on trying to pick up the speed a bit. I know I can get Alphas in bullseye mode but I need the alphas and speed.

I’m currently waiting for the classifiers to update after my last match of the season so I can confirm that I’m out of C-class in Limited as I think I should be. I will be picking up my new gun this Friday. I contacted Badlands and they have the Glock 17 MOS in stock at Blue Label pricing. They couldn’t tell me the price over the phone but based on Research it should be around the $500 mark which is cheaper than I could get it locally. I’ll just have to wait a bit to buy the optic which is fine because according to the Brownell’s website Sig Optics customer service the Sig Romeo 1 isn’t shipping yet. Was kind of eyeing the Romeo 3 but was told by Sig that is isn’t intended for slide mount, which I think sucks.

Going to spend the next few weeks reading Steve Anderson’s third book since I haven’t gotten fully through it and will design my dry-fire schedule to begin about the end of October. I’ll get my 2017 schedule planned out as time progresses and matches start popping up. My live-fire will be drastically upped this year since I can practice more this winter at the OAC. I better ramp up my budget since its looking like I’m going to surpass the 14,000 rounds I shot this week.


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