Press the Start Button

How has it been over a month since I last posted? Oh well I guess I’ll chalk it up to the off season and farming. Not a lot has been going on either I have hit the range a few times and trained a friends daughter to shoot a couple of weeks back. Otherwise just been buying shit as I deem necessary. But since today is the start of my new training season I figured I would throw out an update of whats up and whats going to happen.

On September 30th I made the drive to Sioux Falls to hit up Badlands since they do Glock Blue Label and snagged up a Glock 17 MOS. I’ve been wanting to get one for a while to train with and to wade out into the water of red dot optics. I have since swapped out a bunch of parts to make it just my my Production gun and then took care of the grip issues. My optic is on order as of this morning and will revisit the gun in a later post.

I’m starting my dry-fire training season today. My plan is to start out with the first 12 drills from Steve Anderson’s Refinement and Repetition book this week to ease myself back into the motions. I’ll slowly ramp myself up in the dry-fire as I progress deeper into the season. I will get a little more consistent wit the live-fire this week once my schedule levels out.

I have been working out somewhat frequently, but still nowhere near where I planned or intended to be at this point. Going to plan on taking it up another notch soon. I’ve also got a Captains of Crush gripper to strengthen up my grip. I picked up the #1.5 and can’t fully close it yet but plan on it by the season start.



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