Productive Illness

Tuesday I left work a little early due to my stomach feeling a little bubbly. After a little bit of a nap I got in about 15-minutes of dry-fire and then loaded about 500 rounds with the help of my oldest daughter. Hit the sack and woke up with some more stomach distress which led me to staying home and trying to get caught up on my sleep.

Once I was up for the day since my wife runs a daycare out of the house I locked myself into my gun room away from everyone. I watched one of the Ben Stoeger videos that I have while I loaded another 500 rounds. Hit the garage and got in about a half hour of dry-fire.

I focused mostly on draws from various positions and on Burkett reloads. My draws are only about a tenth off of where I was a few months ago and I seem to be hitting my index and having an acceptable sight picture on the draw. The Burkett reloads are going good as well. I really pushed myself trying to get my par-time down and I was able to meet it and start hitting about 80-90% of the reloads. In all I don’t think I’ve lost much in the time I have taken off.

After dry-fire I locked myself back in the gun room and watched the other Ben Stoeger video I have while I reloaded another 1,000 rounds. In all I was able to load 2,000 rounds of ammo while watching Stoeger videos and getting a little bit of training in. All that reloading made me realize how much I need a bullet feeder. Back to work tomorrow as the road bitch and then to the range as a RSO on Friday afternoon.


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