New Training Gear!

Monday was the start of a new week for me to dry-fire and train. With that new week came my new toy and piece of training equipment. I finally pulled the trigger on an optic for my Glock 17 MOS that I picked up the beginning of October and got it mounted.


I picked up the Vortex Viper since it was cheap and has a good warranty on it. I also decided on going with a 6MOA dot vs the 3. The decision to go with a bigger dot was based on my preference. I shot a couple of different guns with 3MOA dots and they were nice but I felt that trying a 6 was more in my arena. From what I can tell it was the right choice for me. I ended up taking off the factory sights since they don’t co-witness and I also needed the rear off to get to the lock screws for the adjustment dials. Since its a competition gun I don’t necessarily foresee myself getting the sights to do it.

The moment I got the optic mounted to the slide I took it out to the garage. It is a different experience but I think it will be a great tool in the long run.I can see some movement in the dot on some of my trigger presses and it took a few draws to get used to finding the dot on the draw. As I train in dry-fire I’m seeing things that I didn’t see in the past with iron sights and I feel like I can focus more on “speed mode” with the dot since it is right there and I don’t have to worry about the mental block of “equal light, equal height” vs. “acceptable” for a sight picture with irons. I’m already feeling more confident and feel like i have more valuable feedback. Another positive I’ve noticed is that I can shoot with both eyes open!!! Well at least when I can fight the urge to shut and eye. I know old habits die hard but it is coming around. The goal will be to translate it to the iron sights when I go back to them.

I got the gun to the range this morning and got it zeroed from a stable bench rest. At 20-yards the gun is capable of a 2 to3 inch group. The groups are much bigger than that when I hold the gun and shoot it freestyle but can still hit the A-zone with about 90% of the shots. However, I’m a little slower than with irons at that distance. I was however hitting 7-yard Bill Drills from a low ready faster than I can with irons and that’s with 2 eyes open! I like having 2 eyes open so far, because I can see a hell of a lot more and it seems like I can move the gun faster.

I’m going to keep on driving forward with this gun for a while to see if I can make some progress and see how well it translates.


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