New Training Schedule

So last Friday I shot my new Carry Optics gun and was enjoying it so much that when I had to go and take my daughter to Brookings for a birthday party I decided to hit up the OAC again and send more lead down range. I really like how much I can see with 2 eyes open and most of my drills were at 10+ yards. I started out with dots and although I wasn’t drawing from a holster I was making the par-time and by the time I completed my 8th repetition I was making my hits in the circles. Just needed to get the timing and point-of-impact figured out at 7-yards. Not much of a shift but enough that I was shagging them low if my dot wasn’t high enough.img_0158

Monday was the day I started bumping up my workout frequency and effort. I got up and worked on some strength training on my suspension trainer but didn’t take much rest between sets. I was dripping sweat and by the time I wrapped it up I was gassed. Used my Captains of Crush trainer while chilling at work and went home to dry-fire. I did all drills for 5 minutes each and did more skill building up to the 4th drill.

I started out with draws and was getting the dot on the center of the target in .6 about 95% of the time. Moved on to Burkett reloads and was again hitting in .6 on the majority of them. Still missing the magwell a bit but that’s what I get for taking a couple of months off. I then did the transitions micro-drill from Stoegers book. Low ready start and put the dot on target and move to the next, without pulling the trigger. Last week I did this drill and was averaging in the 1.0 to 1.2 area for times. By the end of the drill on Monday I was rocking the speed out in .9 which is approximately where it is suggested in the book. I’m finding that bending my knees more and getting my center of gravity LOOOOOOWWWWW I can move the gun much faster. After I completed that I put it all together into 6-reload-6. Yes, I fumbled some shit, and missed my dot some, but most of the drill was good. I had the timer set for a 4.3 par but if I did everything right I was getting done faster than that. Steve Anderson says in his book that anything under 4 is good and I’m knocking on that door. After that I left the timer at the 4.3 and did the 3 grasp drill. I have never done this drill before so it was more of a getting the hang of it. What I learned was I can now complete it in 4.3 seconds, but I NEED TO WORK ON MY WEAK HAND. Finished out with some draws to strong and weak hand only with no par-time just to get a feel for the index.

Tuesday I got in another morning workout on the suspension trainer before work and then had a couple of eggs and some bacon. After work I had a few errands to run and I didn’t get home until after 7. Did about 10 draws and reloads with my carry gun before taking it off for the day. Had some grub and got the kids to bed and then tried to get out to the garage for some dry-fire but it just didn’t happen. I guess the carry gun dry-fire will have to do for now.

Plan for today includes DRY-FIRE and a good solid cardio workout. Oh and wait for my PCC lower to arrive.


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