Birthday PEW PEW Time!!!

So my best of intentions on Wednesday didn’t happen to go as I had planned or intended. My son was not feeling well so I had to shoot out of work early then run to the doctor with him to have him looked at. Once I made it home with him I had to go to the church to take care of a few things.


Got out of bed on time Thursday morning and got out to the garage for a good solid workout. Got home after work and went out to the garage to dry-fire. I started out with draws from various hand positions to either freestyle, SHO, or WHO. I’m just trying to get a good index with the Carry Optics gun. After that did several reps of 6-reload-6 before moving onto 6-reload-strong, and 6-reload-weak. I was still under 4 seconds for a par-time for 6-R-6 and mostly under 5 for 6-R-Weak. My reloads were just flying into the gun. I was noticing that I would occasionally bring the gun into my body too tight and I would end up screwing the pooch. As long as i keep it up and out a little from my body I will land about 90% of them perfectly.

Today (Friday) I slept in a little but but was still out of bed and to the garage working out by 7:15. After that I did some dry-fire. I started out with Burkett reloads trying to build that consistency to smooth them out and get some speed on them. Moved onto more of the 6-R-6 variations. I felt like my reloads were great and was hitting my 3.8 par-time consistently so I propped up my phone to take some video. I then proceeded to throw down 5 great runs and 1 not so great run. I went to take the phone down and noticed that I didn’t hit record. So I did it again and nailed 2 more. I then loaded up and braved the blizzard to head into town since I had volunteered to work the range at noon.

Got to the range and realized that is was closed due to the weather. Since I have access to the range whether its open or not I still went in and made it my own. I threw on my belt and set up 3 carriers at 20 yards with targets, and one at 10 without to mark my 10-yard line.I started off with some Bill Drills and was consistently hitting 1.9 to 2.3 seconds. I shagged a couple of close C’s but it was a good warm-up. I worked on some 4-aces, 6-R-6, and some 6-R-Strong. the vast majority of my draws were under a second and my reloads were coming in at 1.20 to 1.30 consistently if I was shooting freestyle. I hit 2.5 seconds on my 4-Aces, and was hanging around 4.4 to 4.6 on my 6-R-6 runs. My hits were good but when to hell as I pressed the speed which was expected. I still felt that the hits were acceptable since they weren’t D’s. My 6-R-Strong was HORRIBLE to start and started to get faster with better hits as I progress. I was finally hitting them in under 5-seconds fairly consistently. Then the wheels fell off and I couldn’t hit my reloads anymore. I finally hit one more like know I can and packed my stuff at that point. I knew I had hit my limit for the day.

Deer season starts tomorrow so I’ll be trying to take care of Bambi and then back to the dry-fire and strength training Monday.


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