Cardio With a Gun!!

Wow it’s been over a week since my last post. My week of dry-fire was shortened with holiday travel and another weekend of deer hunting. My buddies tag is filled but mine isn’t yet. Lets just hope I don’t strike out again this year.


I stepped up my workouts this week. Pushing my strength more at this point than I am my cardio but still working on both. This week Monday and Tuesday were some solid strength days. The more time I put in the easier the workouts are getting which is good so I can at least finish them out. Today I threw a twist into my cardio. I worked on my agility and footwork using a speed ladder, because lets face it my footwork SUCKS!!! I did grab my Carry Optics gun because that thing seems to be a fucking brick weighing in at almost 9oz more than the factory gun. I started out the drills with the magazine just outside the magwell and seated it the moment I started moving. I really focused on the feet as well as keeping the gun in a firing position. As I approached the end of the ladder I tried to get out onto a target and break a shot quickly as I stopped moving. I did fail at this to a point. I will call it a success to the extent that I did a good job keeping the gun up and building some additional comfort in moving with a gun and peeping it in position. I may need to get a blue gun to use when the weather gets nice and I start running some cone drills.

Much of my dry-fire last week was focused on transitions and reloads. I’m trying to get in some of that pure nasty speed and it is slowly coming in. I’m slowly seeing my par-times drop and I’m able to see the dot better at the faster speeds. My 3 grasp drill is down to 4 seconds at this point. Right now I’m going for speed so I shouldn’t care as much about my “accuracy” but the cop in me is still a little cautious and fighting myself into accuracy mode a little too much at time. I think next week I’m going to start dropping in a few different drills then the ones I’ve been focusing on. I still need some work on my SHO and WHO index. It’s getting there but not great at this point.

I just need to keep hammering shit out and WORK, WORK, WORK!


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