Improvements in SPEEEEEEEEEED!



Since I started out with my dry-fire season I have been working with my Carry Optics gun. One of my main goals was to use it as a tool so shoot 2 eyes open. Other goals were to use the dot in a effort to break a mental hangup on “perfect” sight picture and just put the dot on brown and try to burn in some speed. I’ve been running the optic for a little under a month now and I am enjoying the improvements I’m seeing so far. One of the BIG bonuses with the red dot is how much you can see with you trigger control. It’s amazing to me to see how much the dot can move on a trigger press, or one handed shooting sight pictures that is not necessarily noticed with iron sights. I plan on running this gun in dry and live-fire until about the first of the year before switching back to my production rig to see how much it helped or hindered my training.

I got over to the OAC this morning before it was open to the public and set up 3 targets in a standard training array. I warmed up with a couple of Bill and Blake Drills and moved into other drills at 10 yards. Since I have  been really focusing my dry-fire at speed I wanted to see how well it is helping and wasn’t too concerned with accuracy as long as I was on paper.  I was shagging a lot of C’s on my targets as I shot 6-R-6. My reloads were coming in at the 1.3ish mark but my transition and split times looked nearly identical.

After 6-R-6 I wanted to focus on my one handed shooting and knew I only had a short time left to shoot so I went straight to 6-R-WHO. At the beginning it wasn’t pretty but it cleaned up. Hits were all on paper and having only a few misses which I took as a win since I was pushing speed more than accuracy. My WHO needs a ton of work as my dot was wiggling all over the place as I gripped the gun. I am not sure if it is weaker stabilizing muscles in my left arm or if I’m gripping the gun too hard causing it to shake so bad. The shake seems to lessen as I relax the grip on the gun, but then it don’t “feel” as secure. I will just have to keep playing with it in dry-fire to see what happens.

I had dry-fired before the range trip but was bored again this afternoon so I took the sheet of 1-inch dots that I have hanging up in the garage and I did some slow fire accuracy stuff. I started out with two handed shooting and dry-fired 3 trigger presses to each dot on the sheet that comes out to 75 trigger presses. Then did it SHO and WHO to finish it out. By the time I was done I was starting to get things to settle down and my index for my WHO was improving quite a bit. It took me about half and hour to work through the progression but I think it was worth and will probably be adding it to my dry-fire once a week.


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