Didn’t do much for dry-fire over the weekend with the exception of some draws from concealment. Got back to busting my ass working out and dry-fire on Monday and I’m finally starting to see less fatigue ass I am working through the morning workouts. I just need to keep the motivation to get my ass out of bed in the morning and to work through the soreness that I am feeling.

Mondays dry-fire was focused on my low hanging fruit. Hammering on the reloads which is starting to show improvement. I was starting to hit several of them on a .9 second par-time. I’m still hitting them smoothly if I’m thinking about them enough to slow down just a tick at the mag well. In reality it don’t really slow me down but its enough of a pause to see the mag go into the gun. I have a tendency to be pushing for so much speed that I just try to throw the mag up there and it ends up hurting me. Even if I get lucky and hit it its not really much faster because it isn’t smooth. The good thing is they are getting smoother, cleaner, and a bit quicker every day.

Did some transitions micro-drills with a really wide spacing on the targets. I have my 1/3 scale targets about 4 feet apart at the simulated 10-yards. Was finally able to drive down my par-time to about a second which is where it was on a narrower spacing. Still need to work on getting the gun stopped on target at the wider distances.

Moved on and did some work on SHO and WHO draws from surrender. I started out with some 2-handed draws from surrender and was hitting a .6 par. My SHO was also hitting a .6 par fairly consistently. My WHO is starting to come into place with a .9 and the dot being on target about 85% of the time.

Finished out on a El Prez drill. I was REALLY RUSTY on my turn and draw to begin. It started to come in towards the end and I think I may have actually hit a few personal best times at 3.8 but would need to confirm from my previous note/posts. Like I said before, the dot is treating me well and it will be interesting to see the effect it has on iron sights.


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