Training on the Road


This week I spent it in a hotel while attending training for work. I attended the FLETC Active Shooter Response Instructor Training. So I spent much of my week running around a decommissioned “nut hut” chasing ghosts with air-soft guns. Learned a few new things and refreshed on several others. Got a lot of work in moving with a gun while doing so as well.

I left for Grand Island on Sunday and listened to Bruce Grey, Ron Avery, and Bob Vogel on the Shooters Summit. I listened to a couple of others during my morning commute to play with ghosts in the mornings. When I wasn’t chasing ghosts I did a bunch of dry-fire in my hotel room. The way I had the room set up I have 2 targets at a simulated 10-yards and one between them on the door at a simulated 20-yards. Worked on various drills throughout the week primarily focusing on speeding up my transitions and reloads. I didn’t get a chance to work on my strength training due to lack of space.

I was going to try to head over to Heartland shooting park this week but they hours didn’t work out for me so needless to say live-fire didn’t happen. The drive home in the snow was fun and it allowed me to listen to Shannon Smith and Taran Butler on the Shooters Summit. I’m glad I paid the $20 to have the all access pass. There is some valuable information in the Summit but I think listening a few times will give me more insight.

I’ll be back to my garage this week for my workouts and dry-fire. I’m going to try to get to the range this week as well. Couple more weeks with a strong focus on the Optics gun before moving back to iron sights. We will see if it helped with anything.


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