Merry Christmas Ya’ll


If you’re reading this Merry Christmas from mine to yours on this rainy, sleety, or in some cases snowy holiday. My week of training consisted of not getting much done due to being sick and the fact that my Dojo was cold early in the week. Did learn that I have a tighter chamber in my Carry Optics gun than in my other Glocks. After chatting with Jon and playing with some shit I got my press adjusted to a shorter OAL and it seems to have fixed the problem. I ordered a Hundo and that arrived on Saturday so it will be a godsend to use that coming up. But now to the more detailed outline of my week.

Sunday night I got out my stuff and did some draws from my kitchen door to the full size target in my garage at approximately 10-yards as I was cooking dinner. I had made the decision to dry-fire then the wife made me cook because she was busy with other things. Got in several draws from surrender, hands at sides, SHO, and WHO though which was a good help with indexing my gun. Got up Monday morning and dry-fired for about an hour while the heater was blasting out glorious heat to keep my hands from falling off in the below frigid temperatures that were trying to sneak into the garage. Got home and did some family stuff while the heater again warmed it up enough to try for a workout and got sidetracked by a “crisis” that strikes an almost 7 year-old girl.

Woke up on Tuesday morning to what I would describe as Death beating me with object and enjoying every minute of it. I called in to work and slept the day away. Felt a little better on Wednesday morning and went into work for about 2 hours to answer some voicemails and emails before going to the doctor and calling it a day. Doc was good to me and gave me some steroids to try to get rid of some of the swelling of my throat and give me the ability to feel a little normal. Needless to say with sleep, sleep and more sleep not much else for dry-fire got done.

Friday morning I loaded up my girls and took them to the farm to do some Christmas baking with grandma and I went into the Outdoor Adventure Center of South Dakota and did a little bit of live-fire. I did most of my drills at 10-yards. I was burning down my Bill drills under 2-seconds with A’s and an occasional close C. My draws were consistently running in the .90’s which made me very happy. I moved on to 4-Aces and was struggling with my reloads. Was still in the 1.20- 1.30’s which is faster than last season but not where I want to be in practice. I was only pasting the parts of the target that were outside of the A-zone in an effort to save time. I started to notice a pattern to my grouping and fired a slow group into a nearby target that someone had left up the night before.

Adjusted my dot and got it back to hitting where it should be and set up to shoot the Dot Drill at 7-yards. I haven’t shot it out at 7 in a while and was curious how it would go. I consistently was hitting around the 4.5 second mark from the draw but also consistently threw 1 to 2 on each dot. Some I was pushing low and others I was rushing to could feel myself tensing up. I have a few ideas as to what I was doing with the gun and as I taked to Jon afterwards got a few pointers and confirmations of my thoughts. Back to the dry-fire this week and to keep tweaking it out.


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