Last Practice of 2016

f4d77e033c7252d07a4f874eb45046efI found myself a new quote to build on for 2017 motivation so I figured I’d share it quick to start this thing off. On Friday I shot into town to hit up the Outdoor Adventure Center of SD for a morning training session. This time I went and had an agenda that I actually stuck to for about 90% of the session. One of my main goals was to work on some standard drills and set some new base times that I haven’t really worked on much since this past summer due to either lack of motivation or lack of a facility to accommodate my needs. Having use of the indoor range is great but the carrier system left a little bit to be desired with their spacing. Since Jon left some of the departments target stands there things are way easier to move around.

I started off the session with Bill Drills at 7-yards. I did a whooping total of 2 dry-fire draws and went live. First run out of the holster was a 2.01 with about .20 splits. I quickly got my times down into the upper 1.80’s and lower 1.90’s with only 1 C in all my runs and I’ll take that C. My draws are consistently in the .80’s range and my splits are right in the .20 range with a few .18’s dabbled in here and there. My best ever run was a 1.84 with 2 C’s last summer but that was still not my norm at the time.

I moved on to some El Prez runs. My turn and draw felt pretty good but was still a little slow. I was averaging in the 1.20 range which will need some polishing. I want to have that down to about a second flat. My reloads blew ass coming in at the 1.30 range most the time. Hits were good on the majority of my runs. I hit a couple of runs that would have been over 100% in Carry Optics. The majority of the runs were High A or low Master class runs.

After I got done with El Prez I loaded up my mags and did some Blake Drills. My low hanging fruit for a long while has been my transitions. They were really slow and the hits were terrible if I tried to push. I would consistently hit 2.60’s on the drill this summer with OK hits. I have really been driving the transition micro drills in dry-fire and it appears to be paying off. I was easily hitting between 2.0 and 2.1 on my runs with mostly A’s or really close C’s and my transition times were pretty much matching my splits.

I moved the targets to set up Distance Change-Up. I was really rusty at this drill and that head box at 15-yards was kind of intimidating because it was something I haven’t done in a looooonnnnnnggggg time. I started out with my times in the 3.50’s to 3.60’s range and quickly ran out of rounds in my gun.  I reloaded mags while singing to myself and dancing which must of released the bad juju that was in my head because I came back to the drill just blazing. I did throw a couple of Mikes to head or clipped just barely into the no-shoot but I usually called those and knew what I did. I was easily hitting them in the 3.0 to 3.10 range. The final 3 runs were all under 3 seconds with my best run coming in at a 2.87 dropping a C.

I put away the gear and strapped on my Glock 19 into my EDC setup. I went to 7-yards and did some draws. I was able to consistently hit 1.20’s from concealment. After doing a few of those I set up the mags to do a FAST drill. I didn’t have any targets printed so I considered the head box A-zone as my 3×5 card, and the upper half of the lower A-zone as my target areas. I had a 5.28, 4.87, and 4.92 for my 3 runs. On all 3 I dropped one out of the upper A-zone but it was really close to being in.

I didn’t take any video or pictures since I was focusing on just me, myself, and I while trying to get updated baselines on various skills. In all I shot about 500 rounds and left feeling really good about my training and seems as if I have a little more of a boost in drive going into 2017. I’ll be on the road for work in Moorhead and Pierre the next couple of weeks so I’ll need the motivation and as I get over the last of this damn bug that’s been plaguing me and back to my fitness goals as well.



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