New Year New Goals

Well 2017 is here and I’ve been weighing options of what to focus on over the year. One of my 2016 goals was to make A-class which I failed to meet but not due to a lack of trying. Shooting the Super classifier in Omaha that was cold and miserable ended up giving me some scores that I couldn’t quite over come. Finished out the season middle of B-class in Production and knocking on the door to B-class in Limited with a classifier score that got flagged because the computer decided that I wasn’t worthy of a score on the level of A-class awesomeness.

This off-season I’ve done some thinking and some purchasing of shit and have decided to do a few things different this year. Part of my problem last year was I was getting bored in Production and wanted a different feel for a couple of matches which is what drove me to Limited for the last 2 matches of the year. Shooting Limited I had a blast and felt more relaxed since I was doing it for “fun”. So in 2017 I will be taking the time to still shoot Production as my primary division, because that seems to be where I feel I belong for now until I at least make Master class. I will however shoot Limited, Carry Optics, and PCC as my heart feels content when I am at a local match.  I will shoot Great Plains Sectional and Area 3 in Production. I got into the sport for several reasons and one of them is to have fun. I seem to lose the fun if I’m grilling on one division constantly.

My next goal for the season is to make A-class. I’m close enough now and with all the practice it should happen. Now I didn’t say what division I was going to make it in. I’m going to just shoot my season and see what happens. If I shoot a couple of Super Classifiers and I come closer in one division than another I may shoot an extra match or 2 in another division. I will try to pick up a classification in PCC and Carry Optics this year so if there is a Super Classifier match nearby I will be trying to go to acquire them. Ultimately I would like to make Master in a division this year and with the proper work I truly believe that I can do it. I just need to get my ass to work and quit filling my head with bullshit excuses.

When my classification goes up the skill level of my competitors goes up. I feel that I will need to be lighter on my feet and my fluidity of movement will need to improve as well. If I can explode out of position and move smoothly and quickly between shooting positions I will be accomplish that. My movement had smoothed out last season but can always get smoother and more explosive. I’m going to keep up on my strength and agility plan to drop some of this flub that I have and make myself sleeker. I know I will never be a top 16 competitor at Nationals but I want to be the best that I can be.

As for matches in 2017 I plan on starting my season with either the February or March club match at Eastern Nebraska Practical Shooters. I will shoot all the locals at Sioux Falls Practical Shooters provided there isn’t any conflicts that arise. If the Sioux Falls and Eastern Nebraska matches fall on different weekends I will attempt to shoot in Omaha as well. Majors will consist of Area 3 and Great Plains Section. I will possibly go to the Great Plains Steel Challenge just for shits and grins to see if I enjoy it. Beyond that I will probably try to shoot out to the Minnesota and Iowa Section matches if family and work don’t get in the way.

I’ll keep writing in my blog but haven’t decided if its going to continue on as strictly a range/dry-fire log or throw in a few additional things on slow weeks that will fill in some space or be a little more interesting to my oh so many readers, since I plan on adding in some rifle into my training this year as well as maybe talking about some conceal carry or gear stuff. Who knows what may come out of 2017, but it should be entertaining to say the least.



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