Training on the Road

On Sunday I received a email for a blog post from Precision Response Training that was talking about a drill that may be useful but it didn’t tickle my fancy. The post included a PDF file for a training report card. He explained how he uses it and I felt that it may be good for my minor case of OCD and a valuable tool for motivation to get me going on days that I don’t want to do anything. I will have it in a location where I will see it everyday and it will hopefully keep me motivated to do something with a gun everyday. If I have a white square on the sheet it should bother me because it isn’t complete.

On Sunday night i got out the SIRT pistol that Jon let me borrow from work. I did about 15 minutes of Bill drills from a low ready. I’m consistently throwing up .20 splits and would like to speed them up. Having the heavy trigger on the SIRT will hopefully help with that as well as help with stabilizing the gun while working the trigger at speed.

On Monday I put away the Carry Optics Gun and decided to get the Production gun back out. I started out my session with my carry gun from my appendix holster. I was really working on my draws and reloads. I did about 20 minutes total with the gun. My par times were dropping and things looked fairly smooth on video. I moved onto the Production gun and was instantly noticing that I could pick up the front sight easier with 2 eyes open or with a partial squint. My par times were a little slower to begin but quickly picked up. I was hitting most of what I was wanting to do with the exception of 6 reload 6. I was about a tenth to 2-thenths off of the par I had set. My 3 grasp drill was felling really smooth at a 3.0 second par. My weak hand transition needs some more work and my target transitions are faster than last year but slower with the iron sight than they are with the dot.

Tuesday I loaded up my gear and took off for Moorhead, MN to attend the FLETC Basic Tactical Medical Instructor course. Arrived to the hotel and set up my dry-fire targets. Did some work with the SIRT gun again before getting out my Production Gun again and hammering on 6-reload-6 and some additional reloads. I am noticing that I have some wasted upper body movement that I need to eliminate.

Wednesday I got tied up after training with some additional work that involved me logging into my work computer from my hotel room and by time I was done with that I lost some motivation and ended up just working with the SIRT gun.

Thursday was a GOOD day. I had an extended lunch break so after I made and at a sandwich in my hotel room for lunch I saw my gear laying on the bed so I got in a solid 30 minutes of dry-fire during lunch. Did some work on reloads and 4-Aces with some good success driving my time down. After class I went back up to my room and had some time to kill before dinner so I spent another 30-45 minutes doing A LOT of 6-R-6 variations and the reloads drill out of Ben Stoegers dry-fire book. Par time is not where I want it to be yet but it is far improved from where it was last season. Got plenty of work to do but I’m seeing improvement and feeling faster.

When I got home Friday I didn’t get in any dry-fire since the kids were hanging off of me since they missed me. I won’t be getting any live-fire in this week or next week with all the travel that I will be doing for work. I will get back to it ASAP once my schedule gets back to normal.


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