Finally Home

IMG_0225_Fotor.jpgThe past couple of weeks I’ve been on the road training for work. Last week was Basic Tactical Medicine Instructor course and this week was re-certification for Defensive Tactics and Ground Fighting Instructor. Last week I was able to dry-fire pretty much when I wanted but this week was find to find time when I could since I had a roommate. Thankfully I was able to squeeze in about 15 to 20 minutes a day all week.

I missed a session on Sunday due to logistics with family and my drive time to Pierre. Monday, I took my time and work on 3 drills in 5-minute increments. I started out with 4-Aces at a 2.2 second par time. I was really trying to focus on eliminating the extra movement on my reloads. Continuing on with my reload theme I did the Reloads Drill out of Stoegers Dry-Fire book. I had my par set for 5.9 and i was hitting it about 50% of the time. Still need some work but it’s getting faster. I finished out with some 3 Grasp drills.

Tuesday was a grab the SIRT gun day and did a lot of Bill Drills from a low ready including SHO and WHO.

Wednesday was kind of a relaxation day but I still got in my dry-fire. I decided to focus on speeding up some fundamentals. I set the timer for a 0.5 par and was trying to draw to a sight picture in the time. I felt like I was hitting it towards the end but can’t be 100% sure since I didn’t take video. Did some single reloads and finished out on a transition micro drill. I set up 2 targets at 90 degrees and started from a low ready. I treated the drill like the regular micro drill with 3 regularly spaced targets but with a hard 90. Set the par for 0.9 and was making it fairly easily towards the end. I made a note in my notebook to drop the par to 0.8 which I didn’t do when I did the drill on Thursday.

Thursday was the 90 degree transition micro drill again. I dropped my par time on 3 grasp to a 2.9 and was actually making the par. Index on WHO is a little sketchy at times but I’m pushing speed so I will eventually smooth it out. Finished with 4-Aces with a 2.1 par time. I hit about 50% of the runs and missed minimal reloads.

Made it home early today and made it out to my garage. Warmed up with 4-Aces before moving onto 3 grasp. I dropped my par on 3 grasp to 2.8 and was looking and feeling pretty good. Was cutting the beep by the skin of my teeth so I’m pushing my limit in that arena. I tried to focus on my WHO index and it was looking better than the last few days. Finished out on the Reloads drill at a 5.9 par. still missing about 50% of the time but the runs are getting smoother as I do them to it is becoming a strength for me.

I took some video of my session today and will have to spend some time later tonight or tomorrow reviewing it. I think I’m going to need to go to Lowe’s tomorrow and grab some PVC pipe to make some dry-fire target stands. I saw how Lucas over at Triangle Tactical had them set up the other day and I feel that It may be more beneficial to me to do that myself. My 2X4 setup has gotten me by for a long time but it isn’t ideal and can limit me at times so I think the stands will allow me to increase space in my garage as well as a varying depth in the months to come.



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