OK Mr. Anderson I’m Listening


Yesterday, I had a few moments of freedom between family stuff and dry-fire to finally get out Steve Anderson’s third book”Get to Work”. I have had this book for about 6 months or so but have not fully dove into the book. I started to read the beginning portion of it then life got in the way, (plus I hate reading) and never got much farther into it. Well I decided I was going to browse through the drills and ended up reading the portion about the turn and draw. I also found the drill in the book called the Metronome.

Today’s dry-fire session started out with the Metronome Drill and the SIRT gun since one of my goals is to work on my trigger speed and control at speed. I downloaded an app for my iPhone and set it for the suggested 150 beats per minute. I ended up moving it to 170 BPMand that was about as fast as I felt like being able to keep up and still hold the sights still. The book suggests that you perform the drill for 3-5 minutes and the overachiever in me went full boar at 5 minutes. I then did it WHO and SHO at 150 BPM. By the time I was done both hands were sore and tired. With the SIRT gun and the heavy trigger in it this drill was awesome. Gotta keep doing it and working on smoothing out the control while keeping up the tempo. I think this is better because it has one hell of a measurable scale.

After those drills I went to work on my turn and draw for a bit. I started out with about 5 minutes of Steve’s drill where you just look over your shoulder without turning wound and drawing the gun to the target. I didn’t set a par time for the drill I just was trying to get a feel for it. I then did several SLOOOOOOOOWWWWWW turn and draws doing it as he explained in the book. It felt really awkward at first but it was starting to smooth out the longer I did it slow. I fired up the timer and was easily hitting a turn and draw in less than 1.0 seconds. I bumped it to a 0.8 and could easily make that as well. I was a little out of control but that is faster than I could do last year. I worked on some El Prez but couldn’t get a good run on it because my arms were starting to complain at me from the 15-minutes of the Metronome Drill which led me to throwing mags everywhere.

In all grabbing the book and taking a look through it was good. I am going to continue to mix up my start positions from day to day and really push through these drills and get better at the fundamentals that are necessary to my success.


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