Friday Morning Practice

IMG_0244_Fotor.jpgUp and out of the house this morning at the same time I would have normally headed in for work. Got to the OAC just before 7 and set up and ready to rock. I have been practicing with my Production gun since the 1st of the year but haven’t had a chance to actually use it in live fire yet. I decided that I would start with some El Prez cold. After several attempts I realized that my turn and draw still sucks and my reloads are still slow. I did some Blake drills to follow up and learned that my draw was also sluggish and my split and transition times seemed a little slower than with the dot. The more I worked the better they got as I started to trust my sights. I was still fairly quick I just didn’t seem to want to trust my sights right away.

I moved onto the 3 Grasp Drill and it felt odd at first. I have only don’t the drill in dry-fire so the recoil threw me off a bit. I did the drill several times and was getting it down in about 3.20’s to 3.40’s consistently. I would occasionally screw it up on the transition to weak hand and be close to 4 seconds. The vast majority of my hits were A’s with minimal C’s.

Finished up with 4 sets of Ben Stoeger’s Dots. First couple of dots sucked and missed par. once I hit the third dot it tightened up and the par went to where it needs to be. I didn’t clean the drill but came really close on all but the first sheet. The ones I missed were just barely out of the circle. I wrapped it up early because a couple of guys from a local armored car company came in to train a new guy and qualify. That’s fine because I almost ran out of ammo that I had in my can anyway.

In all it was a good session and I have a good ideal of what i will need to do in dry-fire for the week to come. I feel better than I was last year and time will only tell where I’ll be come April.


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