The PCC is Almost Complete

IMG_0250_Fotor.jpgThe PCC is complete… well minus the optic. I went with mostly a budget build with a few added expenses for things that I would rather have. Minus the optic I was shooting for a rifle under $800. I came out with a final cost of just under $750 minus optic and mags since I have Glock mags laying around. Much of that savings is due to me actually using patience for a change.

I started out with a Palmetto State Armory forged Glock lower receiver. It was on sale and in stock one day so I jumped on it and made the purchase. I picked up a Magpul stock and grip to go along with a cheap mil-spec lower parts kit what left me with a few extra parts since the lower already had a few parts installed for the last round hold open. I decided to spend a couple extra dollars on the buffer/buffer tube assembly since it had a specific buffer for the 9mm. I didn’t want a mil-spec trigger for the PCC but I also didn’t want to spend a fortune on one. ALG Defense had a Cyber Monday sale on the Advanced Combat Trigger for $44 and I scooped it up. It has a 4lb spring on it so it is a nice little trigger for what I’m using it for. I then got bored one day and opened up the magwell a little more than it came from the factory.

Palmetto State had about 3 options of uppers for my lower. They seemed to be out of stock for the longest time and when they were in stock they would go out of stock before I was able to get one ordered. I really wanted the 15-inch rail but would settle with the 13-inch if the price was right. I was waiting for them to go on sale and finally got an email saying both the 13-inch KeyMod and M-Loc on sale and with free shipping. I jumped online and got it for $419 which saved me about $37.

As for the optic I just ordered a Bushnell TRS-25. I found it cheap and figured that it will work for what I’m using it for. Now I just have to get the optic here and mounted to the gun so I can test it out.


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