Sentences About Dry and Live-Fire

img_0260It’s been a week since I last posted and time has kind of gotten away from me this week. Work has been a pain in the ass and family stuff took its toll on my dry-fire in the latter parts of the week.

Saturday and Sunday I really pushed working on my reloads. I decided to try going bullets forward to see if it would help with anything. Took a little getting used to but after several reps with no time they were about as smooth as before with bullets out. I am as fast now with the same amount of screw ups which is usually due to me bringing the gun in too close and too low or occasionally grabbing the mag too low out of the pouch.

Monday and Tuesday saw me going back to my 6-Reload-6 variations and 4 aces. I was switching it up between surrender and hands at sides. My draws are about as fast either way in dry-fire and good and consistent. On Tuesday I spread my targets wider than normal and kept my pars the same. The goal was to drive my eyes faster and try to get the gun moving faster on my transitions. I was getting close to meeting the par but I was calling C’s and D’s which I had to keep telling myself was OK since it is speed mode.

The rest of the week I didn’t get to what I wanted to do although I got some work done on some guns and Jon gave me a few of his Blue Bullets to try out vs my Acme’s since it appeared I was having throating issues. The Blues were better but still wanted to be loaded shorter than I want to load to in my PCC and I want one load for all.

Went to the range on Friday morning with a plan and as I made it to town I lost the desire to do what I had planned. I started out with the classifier High Standards and with the crazy hit factor on that I was less than desirable on most of my 4 runs. Moved in to the 7 and 10 yard lines and worked on some 6-Reload-6 variations on narrow and wide spacing. My draws were a little slow to start out the session but that was more likely due to me losing the motivation for some reason. Got it back and the rest of the session went good.

I went and zeroed my PCC at 20-yards and then fired it at 25. Groups are about what I expected from the bench and at 25 yards it only shifts the point of impact up about an inch. I would rather have it hitting higher than the dot at 25 for things like partials or head boxes. I tinkered with seeing where it hit a few times at various distances at the end of the day. I did run what would be considered El Prez with it and since it don’t have a turn and draw its way too easy. The low hanging fruit is bringing the gun up to the shoulder and the reload. However after a few reps both quickly got better and i could shoulder the gun in less than a second and I could hit a reload in the 1.60’s – 1.70’s. Which I will take since I’ve hardly dry-fired with it and can do it in about 1.3 dry. I was hitting high Caster and a couple GM times after I got used to the handling of the PCC. Also ran it on High Standards and once I figured out my transition to weak shoulder which took 2 reps I was hitting Master class scores.

The PCC was a fun distraction but it really does feel like cheating. If I trained really hard with it over the next couple of months I could probably hit GM this year. Probably not really but it sure feels like it. I will dabble with it but don’t plan on shooting it much in matches.


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