January is OVER

img_0270_fotorToday is January 31st and for the most part I have met one of the things I wanted to accomplish so far. Since January 1st I have dry-fired or live-fired almost everyday. I have only missed 6 days total, which is a tad more than I wanted to miss but I will take it since it is much farther than I was before. I have my sheet broken down into 2 dry-fire categories, less than 30 minutes or 30 minutes plus. I have several less than 30 at I’ve noted in the area of 25 minutes so they were still really good sessions and I have a few that were 40 minutes to an hour. I a few days were I had 2 sessions or a live and dry-fire session in the same day.

I feel like I have improved in many areas and am definitely seeing my sights better and picking them up faster. I still have some hurdles to get over, but things are really starting to shape up and I’m feeling more and more confident. I’m going to keep writing in my notebook everyday to log what drills I did and my par times and marking on my sheet the proper color for the activity that I’ve done that day.

For February I am going to try and not miss a day at all. I’m going to start working on adding in some movement and partial targets on occasion while focusing on hitting a full 30 minutes plus with the pistol daily. I’m going to try and add an additional 15 minutes a few days a week with the PCC just to try and get used to some of the manipulations like transfer to weak shoulder. I don’t see much of a problem transitioning to my limited gun or the optics gun so I don’t see a need to practice with them all that much. I might be heading to match in Omaha on March 5th so I want to be semi-ready for the movement aspect. I just have to keep with my affirmation statements: “I’m a Master Class shooter!” and “I never miss a day of training because I’m a Master Class Shooter!”


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