Making Up for Missed Time

IMG_0288_Fotor.jpgThis week I was attending an Instructor Development course in Pierre so I can be officially recognized as a law enforcement firearms instructor. Luckily I had a very forgiving roommate who didn’t mind me dry-firing in the room. Maybe he was forgiving or it was the fact that he has known me for 10 years and knew I wouldn’t care if he complained and do it anyway. I started with movement this week although there wasn’t much room to do so. I also missed my dry-fire session on Friday due to travel and getting home so late after I had met the family in Brookings for some errands.

Wednesday I warmed up with 4-Aces and then moved on to a 6-Reload-6 variation where I took 2 steps laterally while I was reloading. My reloads were fairly smooth and I was making my 4.0 second par most the time. I was doing a fairly decent job keeping the gun up in my work space and as close to the shooting position as possible. I then did some Triple Bill Drills and moved 2 steps laterally between each reload. Again all felt and looked good. I finished out with a 2.0 second par and shot while moving left to right and right to left. I felt myself jerking the trigger a bit but for the most part my sights remained fairly still on the A-zones.

Thursday we had a slightly extended lunch break because my group finished our project a little early so I had a little extra time to kill in my room so I strapped on the gear. I did the shooting on the move that I finished out Wednesday on and 3-Grasp before moving onto 6-reload-6 with movement on the reload. This time however I did it SHO and WHO after the reload. My pars were not much off of where I am normally on the drill without the movement and sight pictures on SHO looked good. WHO were shaky as all hell but finally started to smooth out. Reloads were good to go and my transfer to WHO wasn’t great but it felt good enough for what I was doing. I will have to get more time on that as the preseason progresses.

Today I made up for the lost time of Fridays missed session. Or maybe not really. I did dry-fire for over an hour so it was a killer session. I was listening to Steve Anderson’s Pod Cast on my drive yesterday and he was actually talking about shooting on the move and suggested the All Aces drill for live-fire. I decided to start it as a dry-fire drill with a par of 2.0 seconds. With the Production rig it went pretty smooth, I made par and sights seemed to track on the target with minimal wobble. Setting all for of my shooting boxes to make a 6ft by 6ft square on the simulated 10-yard line really messes with ya though. On the simulated targets you seem to be covering 6-yards forward to back and when you move across the back of the box it is more like your at 16-yards.

I then set 2 boxes on the 10-yard and placed them 7 feet apart and did 6-reload-6 with movement between boxes. Was able to complete reloads between the boxes and was ready to shoot once I was in the box. I was a little slow out of the box and a little slow on the sights upon entry. I was ready to shoot but just wasn’t shooting. I at least know what I need to work on. Finished out my time with the Production gun doing some unloaded table starts. I was trying a couple of different things with them to see what was faster. It seems to be faster to line the mag up with the magwell and slide it in as you are picking it up. Not as consistent right now but it is faster.

I finished out my dry-fire session with the PCC doing the exact same drills as above in reverse order. Unloaded table starts are interesting but I was able to get an idea of how to do it. Movement is very interesting when going left to right or right to left due to the weight of the muzzle. Overall a good session with some new input of what needs tweaking and polishing.

It has been a good week of training although I missed one day. I feel like I’m getting better in many areas and I can’t wait for the season to kick off.


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