But I Don’t Play Tennis

Started out this week with the best of intentions to drive on through training hard and getting to my goals. Dry-fired for about an hour on Sunday with both the Production rig and the PCC. Monday morning I got back to my workout routine even though the temps in the garage were less than pleasant but made it through both Monday and Tuesday. Mondays dry-fire was good and I felt confident on everything that I worked through. Tuesday on the other hand just felt like crap. I couldn’t accomplish anything that I wanted to do or KNOW I can do. It was like I went fully back to D-class with my skill. I finally hit on 4 straight reloads and called that my high note to finish on.

On Wednesday night I got home and my left hand and forearm was in pain. I hand some elbow pain last season but it never got to this point. It looks like I have some tennis elbow flaring up, so I took Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday to rest it up and will be starting some exercises to strengthen the elbow this week.

Friday is my normal range day and I almost didn’t go. I grabbed my gear and tried to dry-fire some in the morning and my elbow and wrist didn’t like it much. I tried the PCC and didn’t seem to have any issues. I decided that I would just go to the range with that and work with that a little bit. I had a “match” set up in practiscore from last year that I created for some classifiers to have documentation of some standards to see where I was. I set up 3 classifiers that I could in the indoor range and shot about 500 rounds making mostly Master or near Master runs. The only one that struggled was High Standards which is just tough as it is. Going to get fixed up and keep going on the training with the pistol to try and meet my goals this year.


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