On the Mend

Took some time off of dry-fire last week and finally got back to it on Sunday for about 20-minutes With the Carry Optics gun. I was curious how fast it would take for me to pick it up and switch from irons to a dot. Did a lot of 6-reload-6 variations including SHO and WHO. Only worked for about 20-minutes with no pain. The dot was really shaky to start but smoothed out fairly quick. My reloads sucked with the 140mm mags since I’m used to the slightly shorter mags on the Production gun.

Monday I kept with the Carry Optics gun for just under a half hour. Did some work on my reloads with the Burkett drill. They smoothed out a lot fairly quickly. After that I moved onto shooting on the move with the All alphas drill. I did reps with both pulling the trigger and not pulling the trigger and noticed the same amount of movement in the dot which tells me the movement is caused more by my movement and not my trigger. I slowed down a bit and really focused on moving smoother.

Off day on Tuesday but on Wednesday I got back to the production rig with some quick 6-reload-6 variations. I set the timer for no par-time and was trying to focus strictly on accuracy and good sight pictures. I was still working on driving the gun but wanted to see what would be a good A-zone hit.

Thursday I stuck with the no timer accuracy oriented training. Warmed up with the 6-reload-6 variations again. Moved on to 90 degree and 180 degree transitions. I felt like those were going decent but will need a little more work. Wrapped up with the Production gun after a tad over 30 minutes and then picked up the PCC and tried the transitions. I will need some work controlling a extra mass but it still wasn’t too bad.

Did about 30 minutes again tonight with the Production gun working on a plate rack. I then added 2 additional partial targets. Still did this with no par but was really trying to drive the gun but get the solid sight pictures. I then set up a mini-stage. I started up with distance change-up in box A, moved while doing a reload into box b to a partial target and plate rack. I finally put away the Production gun and grabbed the Carry Optics gun and worked the drills for about 10 more minutes.

I got to keep working on the tennis elbow and trying not to overwork the elbow in dry-fire. I also think I’m going to tack on the extra 10 to 15 minutes at the end of my sessions with Either the PCC or Carry Optics gun just so I can keep some the the skill in place with the guns.


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