Tried to be Productive


Today was Presidents Day so that meant I had the day off of work. I decided to get up and go to the range since I couldn’t go on Friday. I got there and got set up with a plan on doing about 4 different drills as a split session between the Production and Carry Optics guns. I started to blast away with the Production gun until I made it through my first set of mags and turned around to go fill them back up and saw another RSO out in the main room. After a brief conversation with him it was determined that he had invited some guests and I now had to share the range. We agreed I would use one target on lane 2 so I could have the table up so I could still draw and they would use the far other end of the range.

I was working on various drills trying to push some accuracy at speed. I did some triple bill drills and 6 reload SHO and 6 reload WHO. I finally got sick of sharing the range because the people didn’t stick to their end of the range and were shooting about 3 lanes down from me, and they seemed to want to strike up conversations about my basepads and why I was shooting so fast. I tried to politely answer the questions and go back to my business but I couldn’t focus on what I wanted to do anymore so I left.

I got home and did some gun maintenance since it seemed like I was starting to have a few light primer strikes. Replaced some springs and will hopefully be good to go. Cleaned up the garage a bit and strapped the belt back on and dry-fired the Production and Carry Optics rigs for almost an hour. Get to work for the next few days and will try to hit the range on Friday again. I plan on taking the PCC and doing some testing on the point of aim vs. point of impact at various distances. Hopefully I don’t get interrupted this time.


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