Gearing Up for the First Match of 2017!

Just realized that it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted. I have been fairly busy with training, work, and family stuff and haven’t really been able to find the time. Last Friday I hit the range and shot A LOT of dots. Gun ran flawlessly so the repairs helped out. Didn’t dry-fire on Saturday and Sunday with family time on Saturday and then getting called into work at 5am on Sunday. Been working on a lot of match mode stuff this week gearing up for the match in Omaha on Sunday. Jon and I will be heading down bright and early on Sunday and then we will shoot the match and head back. I was originally going to drive myself but it will be good to be able to split the driving so neither of us get burnt out.img_0390

This week my oldest daughter has been wanting to dry-fire with me so I’ve been bringing her 15-22 out to the garage and letting her dry-fire with me. Been focusing on talking to her about how to manipulate the guns controls and on the fundamentals. She is already keeping both eyes open and says she is seeing her dot in the middle of the target. I’ve already started to break her of the traditional girl stance of leaning back, so I’ll consider that a win.


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