Omaha Bound!

I’m thinking I have everything I will be needing in my range bag for tomorrow. GoPro should be charged, gun and mags are bagged up and ready to go, 400 rounds of ammo case gauged and ready to go, and other miscellaneous things in my bag in case something breaks.Just gotta grab a few bottles of water and some snacks to throw into the bag in the morning before I meet Jon for the 4 hour trip.

The match is almost full and at this time there are a total of 29 shooters in Production. I am one of 2 B-class shooters and have a couple of A’s and M’s as well so it should be a good match for me to see where I am as I knock the rust off.

Been practicing in match mode most of the week only using the timer as a start beep. Ive done a lot of work with simulated steel plates and poppers along with partials  the last couple of days. I was working on some movement Thursday night and took a nasty spill when I attempted to enter a box my shoes slipped and I came down on my shoulder HARD. I dang near smoked my noggin on the concrete floor. A little soreness from the fall but if it was a match I it would have been good since my finger wasn’t on the trigger, I didn’t drop the gun and I didn’t break the 180.

Friday morning I went to the range worked on some 25-yard Bill Drills, and 4-Aces. I also did a variation of 4-aces with 2 reloads and 6 rounds which was forcing me to go to the 2nd mag pouch. My Bill Drills were OK and in the mid 3’s for time. I am finally hitting my reloads consistently in the 1.10 to 1.15 range from my first pouch. I’m feeling pretty good and looking forward to getting my first match of the year under my belt.


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