Match Break Down

Boy did I have some rust to shake off. I went down to the match feeling good about my progress that I felt I made over the winter and left with a few things I need to work on. The match was good and had a lot of shooters that are somewhat better than what I normally compete against so it was good to see. However, I’m still slow on my movement and saw some glaring mistakes on a few things from Jake Spoons video. Stage planning needs some work and I need to find some areas to make up time. But lets get into it shall we.

Stage 3:

We started the day out on stage 3. My stage plan went the way I wanted to but felt I needed to start moving sooner as I shot targets 3 and 4 to set me up through the port. My reload was a little sloppy and I wasn’t ready to shoot as I got into position. Had a makeup shot on steel which cost me some time. My next reload was pretty good and I set up right where I wanted to. I heard 2 dings on steel and started to move. My reload was smooth and noticed the steel didn’t fall so i had to come back and get it which caused a lot of time to tick away. I took 6th in production on the stage. I had better points than the stage winner but was about 5.5 seconds slower. The makeup shots and wasted time easily hut me on that stage.

Stage 4: 99-16 Both Sides Now #2

Pace was good, and the hits were decent except for that guy name Juan Mike decided to show up. I thought the hits were there but the paper didn’t show it. Time wise I was on par with most of the top guys. I felt I did everything right but just wasn’t my day of it to be awesome.  Was 7th in Production on the stage. AZ Shooters places the run at 57.71% so it should be a wash and not hurt me or help me. I did the math and changing that Mike to a C I would have been at 77.99%, so the Mike cost me 20% and what would have possibly been a stage win. It would have been an 84% if it was a A hit. It shows me I have the ability to make those kinds of runs but I have to avoid the stupid mistakes.

Stage 5:

Three hits per paper and a sea of steel. This was the first of many stages that were covered with steel as far as the eye could see. I got the point where I was just rushing the shots and not paying attention to my sights anymore. On a couple of shots It didn’t seem like my sights were hitting where they should be but I don’t know if that was me or the gun. Probably me. Also threw a Mike on the stage int0 the narrow space between the first 2 targets. 16th in Production on the stage after it took me almost double the time of the 1st place guy.

Stage 1:

Another stage that was almost all steel. I didn’t sign up for a ProAm so I was not impressed. I did however put my mental game hat on and got ready for the stage. Out of the holster I was rocking, I saw my sights and went 7 for 7 on the first array. Second array had a equipment failure on the Texas Star and I was granted a re-shoot. Well the re-shoot gods were not smiling down on me. Had a makeup shot on the first array and the good ol Texas Star kicked my ass. The rest of the stage went OK. I took 11th in Production and was about 14 seconds off the stage winner. I apparently broke the star so I kind of got my revenge.

Stage 2:

Finally LESS steel, but still about 50% of the stage was steel. I wanted to burn it down and had my plan. I entered my position too hot and slid out of the shooting area and wasted time having to re-position. Slow on the next 3 targets and my first reload blew. My position into the next position was good and I took my time on the steel to avoid makeup shots, and it looks slow on video. messed up my second reload but still did better on the steel. Finished out to my last position with a hard run up range and into a position that created a really hard lean on the last target. I hit 2 A’s on it as I was falling so I was kind of happy with that. I did clip a no-shoot but took 6th on the stage but still about 8 seconds off the pace.

I had a good match overall. I wish I could have done better. I will need to continue working on my reloads and movement along with getting into position. I really need to work on getting my hits on steel and being more efficient. Too much of my time with the steel I noticed me moving the gun off target and moving on only to have to come back. I was not impressed with all the steel in the match. I don’t mind some steel but when 3 out of 5 stages are 50-90% steel the match begins to be aggravating and not much fun. It did give me plenty to work on over the next month as well.


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