Field Course Work

IMG_0378I spent most of Monday after the match reviewing my match video and the video that Tim took as well. Also took a good look at the scores and doing some math to figure out a few things. I have a personal goal of 80% A’s at a match and that was accomplished but I felt fast and looked fairly quick on Tim’s video (could be quicker) so why am I so slow on results. That is pretty easy to answer and that I can’t hit steel worth a crap and some of my positioning sucked making it difficult to shoot without readjusting. I can pull off many of my standing and shoot drills with ease but how often does a person stand and shoot in this sport if they want to be fast.

I finally got back to dry-firing on Wednesday after I spent all day Tuesday running around Brookings and Oldham along with everywhere in between for a funeral. Wednesday I didn’t stand still hardly at all. I started with a little bit of 6-R-6 on partials trying to push to a 3.7 par-time. I then set up a shooting box that I used as a final shooting position. I started about 7 or so feet behind the box and to either the left or right, drew to 3 paper targets and reloaded as I moved to the box to reengage the targets worked on setting up and being ready to shoot as soon as I was in the box. I then repeated the drill using a small port in the second position to work on setting up through the port.

Thursday I started out with 6-R-6, 6-R-SHO, and 6-R-WHO with lateral movement on the reload, before moving on to working on the same drill as Wednesday. I am getting much faster and smoother on the reloads while moving which is necessary since in Production or any division for that matter you typically reload while your moving. Gun is staying up as close to the shooting position as possible and I’m getting better at getting it on target ready to shoot. Did some experimentation with the PCC for a bit to wrap up the session.

Friday was much of the same as Thursday but I did a lot more work from pouches 2 and 3 on my belt. Finished out with a made up drill that was mostly in shot calling mode and included a simulated plate rack. After about 30 minutes I put away the Production gun and followed it up with much of the same drill with the Carry Optics gun. I’m not noticing much of a speed difference and can fairly easily switch between guns. Did some screwing around with the PCC again to finish out my day.

Today I made up another movement drill that included using a makeshift wall to set up around and worked it from both directions. went good and am seeing progress with all the aspects that I need to polish on. I also have been including steel to assist. I finished out with some unloaded table starts and reloads from the table while doing 6-R-6 to partial targets.

I didn’t take the opportunity to live fire this week other than a quick session to check the sights on my Production gun. The sights weren’t hitting quite where I wanted them to so I ordered a new front sight. I’m going to try and hit the range next week and see if I can work on some movement although the indoor range isn’t great for it.


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