Partials and Other Tiny Targets

IMG_0416After the last match I really started to focus on adding in more and more partial targets and small steel plates or poppers. I was trying to rush and race at the last match and it burned me a little bit with all the makeup shots on steel. It appeared to me that I was pulling off the target a tick too soon and with my sights not fully hitting where I thought they were compounded the issue. Not trying to make excuses about the equipment because it was more to blame on me.

Since I am looking to improve and I don’t want to suck as bad as I did. I have been modifying various drills to include the steel like targets. If I’m static and doing 6-reload-6 variations I do them on a plate rack and am trying push my par down to where I’m at with my the drill on wide open paper. I am slowly making progress on dropping the par time and trying to call my shots really focusing on the sights. The last few days I’ve really started to notice that I’m seeing more of my sights and my speed seems to be picking up a little more.

My field course drills also took an upgrade the last couple of weeks when I got bored and decided to build a few PVC pipe projects. I built a barricade with a 2×3 shooting box attached similar to most barricades on a classifier. I also built a “wall” that’s approximately 5 foot long that I can set up mini stages or drills that force me around vision barriers to set up and shoot.  I can use them in conjunction with the various PVC target stands I have to place them around the garage and make repeatable drills that may take a few more minutes to set up but force me to do more in a run vs isolating the various skills. I try to keep them short and manageable in the area of  12 rounds with a reload so its not much worse than a static drill but it forces me to focus on more while using about the same time per session.

I still break out into various static drills but I feel that spending my whole sessions on isolation is going to start hindering me. On a typical stage I am using various skill in conjunction with one another and unless you start to string them together in practice they probably won’t click when it’s game time. I at least diagram my set ups and par times so I can try to improve. Having a barricade or wall and filming my sessions is a little tough but I will hopefully get it figured out so I can see the low hanging fruit on the drills and then use that skill into isolation to polish it out. Hopefully this added focus on the steel and partials added in with the movement will start to click and help me climb a little more when I go to Omaha in April and will continue with me through the season.


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