Short Practice and Some Other Jazz

IMG_0377 2_FotorTook a lighter week with the dry-fire. I’ve had a strange pain on occasion in the center of my palm on my strong hand. It’s not a constant pain but more of a shooting pain on occasion when I do something with that hand and I haven’t figured out exactly what is causing it but the rest is making it less frequent.

I had court this morning for work and was scheduled to be there right in the middle of my normal range time. I thought about going a little earlier than normal but figured I would be too focused on watching the clock and wouldn’t get the most out of the session. After I finally testified about an hour and a half after my scheduled time I ran a couple of errands and saw picked up a few thousand primers and a pound of TiteGroup. I finally hit the OAC as they were opening to the public so I was isolated to a single lane. I loaded up all 6 of my mags to 12 rounds and did 25-yard Bill Drills from a low ready (since I couldn’t draw) with good hits and decent times. I then set the target at 15-yards and did a drill where I pointed the gun into the backstop just off the target and on the beep I would transition to the head box for 2 shots. Only threw a couple of Mikes and my times were decent. I did a couple of Dot Drills before pretending the sheet of dots was a “plate rack” and tried to focus on calling the shot. As I shot the drill I was getting more and more comfortable. Steel will hopefully become a strength.

On a side note I mailed off my Form 1 today to build an SBR. I’ve been wanting to do it for several years and finally pulled the trigger (pun intended). I’ll slowly be buying parts so hopefully I’ll be able to assemble everything in about September. I’m going to go with a .300 Blackout on this build for a few minor reasons which may or may not be all that important. I can’t wait to make the gun sing.


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