Up Before the Chickens

IMG_0428_FotorWhat do you do when you have to adult on range day? You get up at the crack of dawn and go anyway. Playing daddy daycare almost got in my way of practice but instead of letting it I was up at 5am and off to the range. Got everything set up and set forth on my plan.

I started off with some El Prez as a warm up. Hit a couple of Master Class runs but mostly high A’s due to me screwing up my reloads. I then moved on an did some runs with High Standards. My reloads were the low hanging fruit but the hits were not the greatest but still acceptable. Mostly high A class runs with 1 Master run in the mix as well.

After that I set up a movement drill that included 2 different sized paper plates that I found in the kitchen last night. Those were to simulate steel. The first array of the drill had paper at approximately 10 and 15 yards then 2 large plates and 1 small plate. I then hauled my big butt over to another position at about 10 yards with 2 paper and 1 small plate. I had a lot of misses on the plates to start because of me rushing and hurrying. I didn’t have any makeup shots and took the mikes. I finally settled down and was making my hits on the plates and my times didn’t really change much by adding a tick of visual patience. I still need some work on the steel plates but today was a good lesson in slowing down to get my hits and how much slowing down helped vs having a makeup shot.

I finally moved onto Steve Anderson’s All Alpha’s drill. I was hitting A’s and close C’s consistently across the array as I moved. I felt in control and comfortable with the movement. I could cover the distance I had set up in around 3 seconds on average and felt smooth. Backward is obviously my slower direction of the 4 but all were comfortable.

The session felt really good overall. In all I shot about 800 rounds before packing up and calling it a day. Since today was payday I placed my order for Blue Bullets and paid for Minnesota Section Match. Got some targets ordered earlier this week and I’m just waiting for those to ship to work so I can save me a couple of dollars. I’m ready to get outdoors for practice but that may have to wait a couple more weeks but I’ll at least have a supply of the necessary items to get some work done.IMG_0430_Fotor.jpg


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