April 2nd, ENPS Train Wreck

3qt3x7Well I’ve spent a lot of time analyzing this match over the last 2 days trying to decide how I actually feel about it. Leaving the match I felt OK for the most part since I went and accomplished the one main goal I set out to accomplish, I hit most the steel efficiently. I was far from going 1-for-1 but I was much better than a month ago. I did however seem to have forgotten to dial back my speed on paper and finished with too many penalties. There were some things outside of my control for this match and some that easily were within my control that I just didn’t execute. Those are the things I’ve been trying to analyze why I did what I did and the most I can come up with is I just wasn’t paying attention and not focused. The morning rain causing a late start and the targets not being out until we actually started shooting had a little to do with that since I couldn’t follow my typical match routine and had to just hone a plan in the 5 minutes before I shot.

Stage 3:

For not knowing what this stage entailed until just before I shot I did very well. I planned out everything and only had 2 makeup shots on the Texas Star. I dropped 1 D zone hit on the second array which I think had a little to do with the 3 per paper when I’m used to 2 so I started to pull off a bit. I can tell for sure since the GoPro didn’t turn on and record the stage to allow me to see that the gun was doing. Took 4th in Production on the stage and I was pretty much on pace with the leaders for time. I left the stage feeling pretty good but also thought I was slow.

Stage 4 – 13-01 Disaster Factor:

Good Turn and draw to the partial targets on the top. I took a little too much time on the partials and it drug my time down and on this stage with such a high hit factor it hurts quickly with any mistakes. My reload was decent but it was smooth and I burned the lower array with not much care in the world. The run should come out to be about 69% nationally and was good enough for the Production Stage win and 4th in the overall.

Stage 5:

And here comes the train! On the 3rd target of the stage I plugged the no shoot, realized it, and made it up. That make up shouldn’t have effected me on the array but I let it stay in my head as I went to the last steel popper and started whacking away going to slide lock. I reloaded and dropped it in one shot and moved onto position 2. I was supposed to do a reload as I moved but I didn’t, since I had just done a standing reload. My plan was to shoot the 2 paper on the right then the 2 poppers before shooting the paper on the left. I instead gave all the paper some love. On the farthest left target I only shot once before going to the steel. My mind wasn’t engaged and I was not focusing on the task at hand. Finished the stage 19th in Production and just knew that was going to be a throw away stage for my day.

Stage 6:

After stage 5 I tried to put it behind me and just focus on shooting. I started out well on the stage. I hit the 2nd array and treated it like accelerator and didn’t focus on regulating my speed for match mode and  probably shot it faster than some open shooters would have. My hits showed and I dropped a Mike as well. This was also the array I realized my GoPro was not recording. I turned it on but didn’t hit record so it started to beep at me as it powered down. I continued on and was whacking away at the steel but got them all dropped. I got over to the last array and shot the first popper. I felt good about the shot so I never looked back at it. Watching the video it dinged so I probably hit low but in my mind it was a hit so I just didn’t think about it. Time wise I was efficient minus the whacking away at steel. I would have been closer to the top if I had gone 1-for-1 and not had the Mikes. Instead I took 14th in Production.

Stage 1:

Hits on steel good. Hits on paper? Yeah…. not so good. Did a fairly good job cleaning up the knock down plates. I hit a good reload and started to shoot through the port and threw 4 D’s and a Mike. I was just shooting too fast on the paper trying to hose it and again my mind was not engaged. I don’t know what else to say other than I was not doing what I know I can do. Time was on pace with that it should have been but the hits suffered. Still pulled out 7th in Production on the stage.

Stage 2:

The train has officially crashed. Fifty points in penalties and several other mistakes. This stage was a giant cluster to begin with and my plan was decent but not the greatest. On the second position I set up wrong and as I was shooting at the steel plate it was about 3/4 obscured by the barrel and instead of moving I just continued to sling lead in that direction. I finally got over to the middle array that consisted of 3 partial targets in a Y shape with no shoots everywhere through 2 tiny openings with. I got into position and I couldn’t see squat. My vision went fuzzy, I blinked and it didn’t correct the problem. It was like my contact shifted and wanted to give me fits. I was still able to make out a fuzzy front site and fuzzy targets. It looked close enough so I sent the rounds. Four Mikes and a no shoot later I moved on. I was able to blink enough during the movement to get my contact to shift back enough to see but it still wasn’t pretty.

I finished 8th out of 32 shooters. I don’t think I’ll be getting any video together after this match with my schedule being busy this week. Plus the video don’t show much worth watching. The GoPro also didn’t get turned on for at least 2 of the stages so I’ll just use whats there to analyze for my own improvement. Got a lot of work to do in the next couple of weeks. I really need to find my match speed and work on getting my hits.


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