Paper Plates and Partials

IMG_0451_Fotor.jpgThis week has consisted of a lot of dry-fire without a timer. I am trying to find a pace other than speed mode to shoot. I’m a far better shooter than the one I left Omaha as on Sunday. Once I took the timer away for anything other than a start beep I focused on partials, plate rack and popper targets and really focused on driving the gun and making sure I had a solid sight picture. I started to speed up a bit as I became more comfortable with it.

Friday I went to the OAC and shot indoors on Friday morning vs going to Beacon Hill since I volunteered to RSO at noon. I set up 3 targets with no-shoots spaced about a yard apart. I worked on 6-reload-6 at 10-yards for quite a while. I really tried to push the speed towards the end and was tagging the no-shoots a bit. I dialed it back and it was all good and my times were decent. I’ve kind of been handicapping myself by not practicing them enough and thats going to need to change.

After that I set of a series of 4″ paper plates and worked on them for a bit. By the end I was hitting pretty close to 1-for-1 consistently. Still need some work to hone the skill and get come more speed behind it but its a good start. I finished out combining the plates and partials as a mini-stage causing me to set up on a partial. I was accomplishing this with a fairly decent time and minimal penalties. I have a couple more weeks before the next match so I have plenty of time to fix as much as I can.

I finally finished out the session by strapping on my carry gun and working through some drills. I did a little 6-reload-6 to work on my draws and reloads from concealment. I moved onto some drills that worked in shooting from retention and tactical reloads. I finished out with running several repetitions of the F.A.S.T. Drill. I was easily averaging in the mid 5’s range clean. I did run one in the 4.3’s but threw 1 out of the head box and 1 out of the circle so that was a 3 second penalty. To my defense I was trying to burn it down so it was expected. My low hanging fruit is my draw and reload from concealment. I do practice it but not as often as I probably should be so that will have to change. Over all it was a good session.

It will be a few days before I can load ammo since I broke the indexing spring on my press. I will just have to rebuild some target stands and cut up some target sticks. Although I probably won’t be making it out to Beacon Hill next Friday since it appears by the forecast that we are expecting a hurricane to pass through.


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