Nothing Much

This week consisted of some minor hotel dry-fire through the week. I’ve really been focusing on partials and small targets. All seems to be going good with those but I really was drained for energy this week. I think it was a combination of being on the road training that caused me to sleep in a crappy hotel and eating like crap. Been playing with both my Production and Carry Optics guns and I’m really starting to enjoy the dot. I currently am planning on switching after Great Plains Section, but after the last match my fuck-it attitude has been playing with my head telling me to just switch now. Getting to Sundays match will hopefully fix it.

I didn’t get to the range on Friday morning since the wife needed me to watch the daycare kids so she could hit a doctors appointment in the morning and the winds were not going to cooperate so I loaded ammo and dry-fired. Will either hit the indoor range at 0500 on Friday or head out to Beacon in the afternoon this week.


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