Match Review: April 23, 2017

I am finally getting to this. After the match on Sunday I made it home and started on a honey do list to try and beat the cold, rain and possible snow that is supposed to be coming our way this week. Last night consisted of much of the same trying to get the garden tilled so I can have fresh yummy vegetables to try and make myself less chunky as the summer progresses.

This match was a good rebound although I didn’t shoot as smoothly as I should have. I was helping run the squad for most of the day so I wasn’t as focused on shooting and running my stage plan through my head like I should have been so I had a lot of programming errors. Maybe a little less time on the Nook and timer next match.

Stage 4 – Par 4

Started out the day on Stage 4. Got out of the holster to the first target turned and instead of engaging the target I went into production mode of reloading while moving. I caught myself and engaged the targets as planned. My movement carried me a little further forward so had to adjust. Shot my first target after my reload and thought there was another and did a little dance. Got back on my game and made it to the first port after not doing a planned reload. Shot some stuff and did a standing reload to shoot steel and then move to the last array. Was good enough on the stage for 1st in production.

Stage 5 – Mail Route

What sadistic idiot sets up a stage with only half sized targets? Just kidding, it was actually interesting. The stage wasn’t that forgiving on accuracy although a good index and trigger control was all you needed to survive. Got through the first arrays good and set up into the 3rd array which due to the angle and positioning I took strong hand only and feel like I did quite well finished out good. I took 2nd in production on the stage but it was mostly due to points.

Stage 1 – Rockstar

So the re-shoots good smile down on me. My first run consisted of a popper that was shot about 4 times and wasn’t phased by the impact. No its not my loads cause people shooting major had some issues as well. Now while the popper wasn’t scared of my awesomeness the paper target at the end of the stage was and laid down before I arrived. Next run was better and I made the poppers pay for staying up the first time. On the second array I somehow threw a Mike which is what cost me a stage win. The star went well and had good hits on the swinger. Overall a good run.

Stage 2 – Jogging Trail

Started out well and got to the plate rack where I wanted to set up. Too many make up shots on the plates caused me to do an unplanned reload and left me adjusting my stage plan on the fly leaving me getting to my 6th mag. Need a little more work on shooting the steel and having the gun up as I get into position. I also lacked movement while shooting when I knew I should be doing it. Still early in the year and I am doing better at it than I did last year so Ill take it. Even with all the things I find wrong another stage win.

Stage 3 – Turtle Shoot

Another stage win and really didn’t see too much to complain about. Still need to work on steel cause I almost got burned on the last array when I ran the gun dry on the last target. I knew I was going to do it before I transitioned to the target but said “screw it, I’ll either get lucky or take a Mike.” Well I got lucky.

Finished 1st in production and 12 overall. My programming errors didn’t kill me and my match was way better than the last one in Omaha. So I accomplished something over the last couple of weeks. I got a few more weeks to bust my ass to get ready for the May 14th match. If I want to stay atop the Production list I’ll have to get on it cause Jon is going to be back soon.


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