Too Early to Call….

Here I sit waiting on classifier updates to make it official and I realized I haven’t done a review yet. Basically watching the video speaks for itself. Yes I still have a belly that hangs over my belt so I don’t look as awesome as I think I should look but it is what it is and I’m trying but shitty food is sooooo delicious. Ultimately going into this match my mental game was on point. I just shot it to my ability and didn’t feel any jitters or pressure to perform. I just knew what I had to do and executed it because I told myself that I was at least A-class and this match was just proof.

I got to the first classifier 99-10 Times Two. Everything went good and I was happy when I was done shooting. I saw everything I needed to see. I could have stepped up the speed between positions a little and had my support hand on the gun when I entered position. I only dropped 3 Charlies and finished with whats going to end up being an 83.68% run.

Moved onto 99-08 Melody Line. My turn and draw was exactly how I planned it (although I don’t think the RO has seen that kind of foot positioning). Made a clean all Alpha run and nailed my reload. BEST CLASSIFIER EVER!!!! I rocked out a 98.75% on that thing. I ran it through the AZ shooters app and didn’t really want to believe it but it felt good.

Got up to bay 5 where 2 classifiers were set up. We started on 06-07 Steely Speed IV. First shot out of the holster was a whiff on the popper but the rang them all…. or so I thought. I called my shot and moved on to getting a sight picture on the next one and heard the ding so I thought it was good, finished up and brought the gun in to realize that the one was still standing. I shot it down and just had to shake my head. I even said to the RO that I thought it went down and he even stated that he thought it was going down cause it appeared as if I hit it. Still can’t see from the video where the hit went but I’m not too worried.

After Steely Speed I stayed hot and went over to the next classifier 99-62 Bang and Clang. Again first shot out of the holster was a miss on steel and then I went on to full retard and pushed too hard. Oh well I guess.

After that beautiful display of marksmanship I got to 06-04 Fluffy’s Revenge 1. I’ll admit that I shot it a couple of times on Friday as a quick test since I had 3 paper targets set up and had my 8″ plates. So it wasn’t really the same but similar. I planned on shooting all the paper first left to right because I felt I could push the speed and then come back for the poppers. I don’t know if it would have been faster or not but that’s what I felt was best suited for my abilities. Well after watching all the shooters before me go paper, steel paper, steel, paper, I accidentally went that route and missed my first shot on the popper. Still pulled out a 69% run so I won’t complain.

Moved onto the last stage 13-06 Too Close for Comfort. Good draw and blazing reload and good hits. I rushed the last shot a tick and got a lucky miss aka. A DELTA. If that would have been a C it would have improved my score to a 90% run but I’ll take an 86% any day.

Great match and based on my math I sould be at an either a 79 or 80%. Only time will tell.


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