Busy Busy

So I’ve kind of been neglecting my writing stuff down lately. My schedule has been pretty busy with assisting on the in-laws farm, work and working with my daughter on her softball skills its been leaving me just enough time for myself to dry-fire/live-fire or to write on this thing. Well playing with my guns wins over this. I tried to put my match video together like I normally do while using my phone and iMovie at my daughters practice the other night and failed miserably at it so it may not get posted this time.

Still waiting on USPSA to update my classifiers so I can call myself an A-class shooter but oh well the day will come.

The match on Sunday was good. Took 7th overall and won Production. My speed was good I just need to clean up my hits a little bit. I shot too many D’s but its still a vast improvement over last year. Superclassifier on Sunday with a lot of SHO and WHO shooting so it will be a good test of skill. I should do just fine as long as I relax and approach it like I did in Omaha. Going to shoot my Carry Optics gun first then Production for the second gun. Primary reason for this is I’ve found it easier to go from a red dot to irons than it is the other way around. I decided against shooting PCC because I’ve tested out a few classifiers with the gun and can fairly consistently hit M and GM scores and don’t want to be classified higher than I should be due to a cheater gun.


2 thoughts on “Busy Busy”

    1. Already filled out that form last night. With the match this weekend in them removing that flag let’s see if I can jump completely over A class lol


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