Stand and Shoot? That’s EASY…


Well I can officially stand in one place and shoot a gun fairly fast and accurate… that is if I grip the gun like I’m supposed to. On Sunday I shot another classifier match with both my Carry Optics gun and then my Production gun. I originally planned on going with Carry Optics and PCC but after Omaha I decided to shoot Production. I felt it was more appropriate to do that for a couple of reasons. The first being that I wanted to try and get myself out of B-class since as of last week I’m 4th in the country for Production B. The second was primarily due to the fact that while yes playing with a PCC is fun, it is kind of like cheating. I have set up various classifiers periodically in practice over the past few months just as a test to see a baseline with my various guns to measure improvement. with the PCC I can hit a lot of M and GM times with it and if I’m going to make Master I wanted to do it with a pistol first.

I shot Carry Optics first and did alright. I threw down some good runs and one awful run on a stage that I know what I did wrong and knew it as I was doing it but was so focused on burning it down which was not the right mentality and definitely not the one I carried with me in Omaha. Steely Speed IV was made my bitch this time and am starting to feel like steel is slowly becoming my friend. Based on my match I should have an initial classification of about 71%. I really like the red dot but am definitely slower with it. I will still plan on making a switch later this year but will need some time to become faster and more proficient.

Shot Production the second gun and had some good runs. I made some mistakes that hurt me a little bit and killed a few of my percentages, like shooting SHO when I should have shot freestyle and burned in some speed. I also struggled with my reloads a little bit which will need to be straightened out. I threw down a 100%+ run on Razors Edge and hopefully will support getting my 98% from Omaha unflagged. If that is the case I may have just squeaked into Master. If not I am solidly into A class.

Now I really need to focus on the rest of the season. I NEED to move and get working on my stage planning and execution. I plan on focusing on movement during my dry-fire  and in live-fire while using vision barriers. I need to clean up some of my D’s and C’s and focus on gripping the gun like I know I can. If I’m going to be a Master I better start performing like one and that is my focus beginning today!



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