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Well yesterday was the day they posted the updated classifications on the USPSA web page and I have officially made A-class. I was hoping to make Master and probably should have but yet again USPSA flagged a 100% score. They gave me my 98.7% this week since I filled out the form and am not sitting at 83%. I may only be classified as A-class for a week if they decide to give me the 100% next week.

However, if I’m an Master class shooter I better start performing like one in matches. I need to focus on cleaning up those D’s that I’ve been throwing in matches and work on my movement. My dry-fire this week has been upgraded back to a lot of movement and setting up into position all while keeping the gun up and ready to shoot. I’m working a little bit more with shooting on the move and have really been focusing on my grip which I’ve notice slacking a little bit after my reloads.

I will be hitting the range Friday morning and will be focusing primarily on the shooting and moving and in and out of position. Call it and leave it, All-Alphas, and easy & hard entry/exit are in my future. I want to perform good at Great Plains but need to start with focusing on skill other than standing and shooting.


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