Master Class, Instructor Mode, and Stuff

Well it’s official I am a Master class shooter. I made it in by the skin of my teeth after I filled out a couple of forms to get my GM runs from Omaha and Sioux Falls counted. Now that I have the M after my name I NEED to get to shooting like a Master in matches. I haven’t been dry-fireing like I should be the last couple of weeks with a bunch of family things going on last week. I did work on some stuff and was working on Burkett reloads moving into a position around the house on Friday last week so I’m at least doing something. Next week I plan on getting back to a regular schedule.

This week I put on my instructor hat for the department and have been training people all week. This is my first year as the lead instructor because Jon is burned out with it and has too much on his plate to keep up with everything. Been focusing on the fundamental with my guys this week and hopefully I can motivate them to practice and dry-fire more on their own time. I have some guys who appear to want to improve and get better and were asking some of the right questions like how do I fix this problem or that problem, while I have a few that seem like they forget how to hold a gun and which end the bullets come out 5 minutes after you show them. I don’t expect them to go crazy with training like Jon and I but a little will go a long way for more advanced stuff in the future.

I’ve gotten in some shooting for me this week but won’t be getting a full session to myself again this week. I played with my new department P320 on Monday and Tuesday and it’s a much better gun than the M&P and it has some features that I like, but the jury is still out on whether or not I like it better than my Glocks. I will say though that damn thing is scary accurate. Today I switched back to my Production Gun and demoed with that. Before everyone showed up I decided to shoot 50yard Bill Drills. I was averaging times in the 8’s and was also averaging 1 Mike per run. Finished out with an 8.50ish run and all 6 on paper. I was noticing that I seemed to be pushing a little which is REALLY noticeable at that distance but at least I’m hitting the target which is better than last year. I took about 15 minutes while Jon was training the guys on rifle to borrow a couple of Barrels from the 3gun guys and worked on movement. I did the figure 8 drill from the Vogle class last year using one of the steel plates already in the bay. I shot a lot of rounds had a few misses but I was gassed out.

I’m still on the fence about switching divisions after GP section and taking up Carry Optics for the month leading up to Area 3 and continuing with it through Minnesota Sectional. Jon thought it may be a good idea for me to make a switch but he was thinking limited due to the scoring so my friends Charlie and Delta won’t hurt my ego as much. I’m pretty positive Limited wont happen this year since I don’t want to load .40 or buy .40. I may switch I may not, I think Jon may be encouraging the switch because he is scared of my shooting awesomeness. I actually doubt that but I can at least dream.


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