Curse You Reshoot Gods

Today’s match started out great. My movement was good and the first 3 stages went how I wanted them to. Speed was on point and the hits were A’s and close C’s and my programming was good to go. I even shot stage 6 with plenty of time to spare on the drop turners and almost seemed like I was actually waiting on it to turn.

Then Stage 1 happened. Blazing run good movement. Plan went as I wanted and finished out in 24 seconds. I did throw a Mike that I didn’t call but my speed and other points would have absorbed it. I was on cloud 9 cracking jokes about how I was too fat to move that fast. Then the re-shoot God came down and possessed another competitor who decided to paste 2 targets before Tim scored them. This caused a re-shoot and those are not my cup of tea. By the time I got my mags loaded we were to the end of the shooting order and time for me to shoot. No time to really take a deep breath and visualize the mental prep  that I had before. I shot the second array in the wrong order and then moved too far forward so I had to back up. The first run was very sub-conscious while the second run was very conscious and in rush-try-hurry mode. My hits suffered and I added 3 seconds to my time.

Moved onto stage 2 and started to RO for many of the shooters and didn’t take any time to focus on me and trying to put stage 1 behind me. I RO’d too long and wasn’t really ready to shoot. I buggered up my gun pickup and got lucky that nothing bad happened. I went into rush-try-hurry mode again and I couldn’t find an A-zone for anything. I got to the last array and got into “1 for 1” steel mode and only engaged a paper target with 1 round. I just didn’t give the targets and sights the respect they deserved.

I was so pissed with myself and went onto stage 3 and kind of gave up. There were 3 plate racks on the stage. Again I RO’d most of the squad and didn’t take any “me” time. When the timer went off I must have believed that I could shoot plate racks like Max Michel, when in reality I didn’t channel Max as much as I channeled “Willy Whiff”.

I finished 3rd in Production and it wasn’t pretty. I played with the scores on the 3 stages and if I cleaned up my hits, would have gotten my first run back on stage one, and shaved about 4 seconds of stage 3 which could have been easily accomplished by not missing I would have taken 1st in Production by 11% and 7th overall. If I can get away with it I am going to try to take a backseat and the ROing a little but at the next match and focus on “ME” as I prepare to Great Plains.


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