X5.jpegOk, so its been a week and I haven’t been able to for get about it, and I realize that I should have listened to Jon. Several weeks ago he told me “Don’t go to Scheels and DON’T play with the X Five.” At the time I listened and didn’t pick one up.

So then 2 weeks ago I was finally issued my P320 compact at work and shot it during annual firearms training but only got about 200 rounds through it. As the instructor I don’t get to shoot as much as the others and much of that was just playing with the gun when nobody else was around. I was starting to like it but wasn’t sold on it. I liked it but vs. my Glocks I wasn’t totally sold but was starting to lean in the direction of the Sig’s.

Last weekend I went to Scheels to see if they had any TiteGroup since I couldn’t find any for the past few weeks at my usual spot and while I was there I walked past the case that had Sig’s in it. I just so happened to see the X Five and there just so happened to be a salesperson right there, so I said “I was told not to but fuck it hand it over.” Once the gun hit my hand I KNEW I had to find a reason to not like it. Gun felt amazing in my hand, indexed immediately, and the trigger felt AMAZING. I could not find a reason to not like this gun. I wanted to walk away with 2 right then and there. Yes, I said 2… I shoot Production and possibly either need a backup or even a Carry Optics gun.

I have however gone Sig crazy the past week and have decided that as long as the budget allows I’ll be making the switch going into 2018. I will also probably pick up the X Carry to replace the G19. I know it’s the archer not the arrow when it comes down to it but if its going to ignite a refreshed desire to practice then it will be worth it.


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