2017 Great Plains Sectional Championship

This past weekend Jon, Tim and I loaded up into the Honda and took off down to the Great Plains Sectional Championship in Louisville, NE. Weather called for hot and sunny but just before our stage briefing on the first stage the sky opened up and it started to rain. It continued to rain for most of the morning and early afternoon. I went into this match with a goal of shooting Alphas and seeing my sights which seems to be a problem of mine lately as I have been apparently trying to shoot faster than my current ability.

Stage 3: Angles

22A 1B 1C 3D    24.64 Sec      4.8295HF

On this stage my movement and positioning sucked. As I moved into my second position I didn’t set up right on the port to my right to shoot the partial target that it caused me to move my feet to shoot through the other port that was available from that position. Coming out of the position my reload was OK but I posted up to shoot and didn’t really stay low, I then broke my grip and didn’t hustle forward to the far right target. Did Alright on the star to finish out the stage. The B and C both came from the partial target since I just aimed for center of brown and and 2 of the D’s were due to poor positioning and I was just hoping for C’s at that point because I wasn’t going back. Took 7th in Production on the stage.

Stage 4: Aiming

19A 5C 2D 2NPM     30.07 Sec     3.7246HF

This stage included an unloaded start with the gun on a barrel and all mag on another barrel. Stage went alright minus the 2 D’s on the swinger and a few positioning errors. I opted to not activate the clam shell until I was done shooting and then take to 2 NPM’s. I only had to activate it before the range is clear command. Going that route seemed to be the way to go and shaved probably 3-4 seconds off the stage. Finished 6th in Production.

Stage 5: Choice

25A 2C 1D 1M     35.3 Sec     3.4561HF

Again I had movement errors and programming errors. I went into the second array and ended up engaging a target that I had previously engaged and realized it as I did it. I shot at the last target in the array and called a possible miss but due to a previous make up and the double engagement I went to slide lock and decided to live with it and hope for the best. Got toward the end of the stage and did an unplanned reload because I thought I was going to go to slide lock, which I wasn’t since I had the rounds to spare for the make-ups on steel. Ended up 13th on the stage.

Stage 1: Plated

16A 7C 1D      26.21 Sec      3.8916HF

Again shitty movement and positioning. Programming sucked as well and I really need to work on my shooting on steel. I just felt like molasses through the whole stage which shows since I took 10th.

Stage 2: Run Around

21A 6C 1D       22.84 Sec      5.4291HF

Last stage of the morning for me and it went fairly well. I did everything as I had planned I just need to get to the positions faster. Granted I was running up range but my speed between positions was slow and not smooth. Got 7th on the stage.

Stage 9: Bridge

28A 7C 2D     36.76 Sec    4.4342HF

Positioning and programming got me again. The swinger activated slowly for me and it ended up not being there when I expected it to. I shot some other stuff and ended up racing back to try and get the swinger before it disappeared. Didn’t make it in time so I ended up waiting on it and the 2 targets I raced through I shot the 2 D’s. Getting on the swinging bridge was alright but getting off of it was not very graceful. Ended up 9th in the stage.

Stage 10: Classic Standards

12A 4C      18.34 Sec    3.9258HF

Probably my best stage of the day since it didn’t involve any movement. Great hits and time was good. Took 3rd on the stage only getting beat out my Park and Hoppy.

Stage 6: Move It

29A 5C    26.76 Sec     5.9791HF

Started out great with going 1 for 1 on the 35-yard poppers. Then the issues started. I went to transition to the targets on my right and as I started to move in their general direction I dropped the mag and reloaded the gun. I even commented out loud as I was doing it. That caused me to not start engaging the targets as soon as I should have. I ended up getting into positioning errors again but my hits were great. Took 6th on the stage.

Stage 7: Barricaded Speed Shoot

8A 2C 2M      8.56 Sec    3.0374HF

Shoot the right…. shoot to the left… and Mike, Mike. Tanked the stage and took 29th. I pushed for speed a little too much and didn’t give the partial target the respect it deserved and pushed the 2 shots into the hard cover.

Stage 8: Quick Steel

8 Steel       6.61 Sec     6.0514HF

Shot the 4 full size poppers like a boss. Then whiffed on 2 of the mini poppers. I realized that I was going to run dry if I didn’t slow down and get my hits. I did and it went better. Ended up 11th on the stage.

Final summary:

I shot well. I took 8th place in production this year which is a huge improvement over last years 19th place finish. I managed to shoot to my level and hit the targets like I knew I should for the most part. I still dropped too many D’s and my C’s were a little higher than I could like. My lack of efficiency of movement and my stage programming is what seems to be hurting me more than anything. I need to really focus on getting in and out of position and having the burst of speed when it is needed between positions. Transitions are still lacking a little but and I need to learn to “change gears” on targets of varying distances as it seemed like I was giving too much attention to the close targets and easily could have allowed a little more speed in the splits with my hits. I got to get on the range and spend my time moving and working  more on drills like accelerator and easy entry and exit. I will have to throw up a vision barrier to assist in the setting up into positions.


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