First Carry Optics Match

This week I put away one Glock 17 for the other Glock 17 and made the decision to shoot Carry Optics. There is several reasons behind why I made the change, one of them being that I was starting to feel bored and burnt out. I haven’t done hardly anything with the gun since the Super-Classifier in May and I only started to dry-fire it on Tuesday. Got a good live-fire session on Friday so I felt comfortable to say the least. Planning out the stages at the beginning of the day felt a little weird planning out shots past 10 rounds. I felt that I had decent stage plans but didn’t have huge expectations.

Stage 4:

Started out the match on stage 4. The stage required mandatory reloads, strong hand and weak hand only shooting. My index out of the holster was a little bit off so I was having to search for the dot. I made my hits and I moved to the second shooting box and went strong hand only and tagged a no-shoot and threw a Mike. The second string was a little bit of the same thing with another Mike. I really will need to work on the one handed shooting. My index was decent but the dot was dancing like crazy and I struggled following it. Overall it was a alright stage since I didn’t zero it like most of the other shooters did.

Stage 5: CM 03-03

Stage 5 was a classifier. Draw was slow and I then raced a little too much with a shitty grip and ended up tagging a no shoot right on the perf so I still got the A. So pretty much poor grip and slow on the dot.

Stage 6:

Poor grip again and and pushed the speed a little too much on the upper array. Reload went well but when I went to the lower array I didn’t see any thing but the targets. I didn’t see my dot AT ALL, I just blazed through. I threw a ton of C’s and D’s on the stage. I needed to slow down a tick and get a solid grip as well as see something. Live and learn and move on.

Stage 1:

The steel was falling slower than it needed to be and I ran like a lumbering elephant. I was tracking the dot OK. Still really slow on the dot and got hung up on the wall but didn’t allow it to snag me to the point of a DQ. Overall I hit everything accurately and actually gripped the gun. Just need to work on tracking the dot and moving my lumbering ass.

Stage 2:

Memory stage and overall it went well. I gripped the gun and didn’t miss a target. Threw a lot of C’s on the stage which will need to be cleaned up before Area 3. Didn’t get any match video for this stage as I forgot to had my phone to someone.

Stage 3:

Again I forgot to hand off my phone. I wasted a lot of time on this stage doing stupid shit. On the start I found the dot fairly quickly and fired 2 shots on the steel poppers. I called 2 good shots and heard the dings but one of the poppers didn’t fall. I noticed it as I stepped out of the box so I had to go back which easily cost me a couple of seconds. On my last target I started my reload a little too early and pulled the shot off for either a Mike or a D. I shot the rest of the stage and looked back at the target to see only one hole to in a moment of not wanting a Mike I fired 2 more shots which added to my time.

Overall it was a good match. I have a lot of work to do before Area 3 but I feel good so far with the minimal practice I have had with the gun. I will be hitting the dry-fire like crazy and live-fire as well. I finished 9th overall today. I still dropped to many points through the day but will be working on that. This has lit a fire under me which is what I needed. Now to see how well I can do coming up.


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