Better Late Than Never Match Review

Well it has been a few days since my last match and it went really well to say the least. Jon and I had most of the RO duties and with him volunteering to go first on the stages helped me out so it kept us separated and allowed me to still focus on the game. My squad was small and a little bit on the lazy side and I caught myself pulling out the asshole card on a couple of occasions… oh well. Some of the usual heat was not there but it was still a good match with some challenges. One of the main things I was focusing on this match was shooting A’s and moving more efficiently.

Stage 4

My unloaded start was good. I called my second shot of the stage as a miss so I threw another round at it. As I moved downrange I feel like I moved efficiently and did a good job keeping the gun up and close to the shooting position. I chose to not open the door on the stage since the activator was part of the shooting area and was not required. I had a plate fail to fall off on the star, I thought it was a solid hit but since Jon didn’t say stop I kept whacking away cause it must have been an edge hit. As I was showing clear He mentioned I could have got a reshoot but I was happy with it.

Stage 5

Again fairly effieient movement for the most part. I did the same thing as Jon and tagged a noshoot on the 4th target. It was a really tight angle but I decided to take the lean and tight shot.I have no idea where my 1st shot went 2nd clipped the barrel and I heard it so I leaned just a tick more and saw the streak across the face of a noshoot. Fired 2 more and got my hits. I could have moved a little more on the 2 hardcover targets after the plates but it was still good compared to how I’ve been lately. Still finished out the stage good.

Stage 1

Good stage executed it as planned. My first short movement looked and felt good. On the second movement which was the long run could have been way better. I ran all goofy and didn’t get the gun up and ready to fire as I entered position. I will have to work on that.

Stage 2

Went good for the most part. Had a couple of extra makeup shots on the steel poppers and that was mostly because I wasn’t being patient on the dot. Reload went well and called a bad shot so I made it up. I for some reason did another reload. Not that it mattered but I again ran like the chubby kid trying to catch the slow moving ice cream truck. I over ran my position and didn’t have the gun up ready to shoot.

Stage 3

Final stage of the day. It went good until the final position. I remembered everything I needed to shoot and the order I wanted to shoot them. I could have kept the gun up closer to the shooting position but I’ll live with it. My reload to the target going into the 3rd position was really nice but I came into the wrong target and forgot my programming. I forgot about the short targets behind the barrels so I ended up doing the transition dance with a few additional cuss words that I know I said out loud as I was doing it.

Overall I finished 6th and if it had not been for the no-shoot it would have been a 5th place finish placing me ahead of the Limited master and one spot behind Jon. I finished up shooting 75% of the available points and 82% of the match winner (PCC shooter). Using Jon as a A-zone standard I shot 107 vs. his 110. I shot a few more D’s than I should but way better than its been much of the year.

I am really digging shooting “welfare open” and I’m really excited for Area 3. The more I practice with the dot the more I like it and the more I want to train more with it in a “practical” and “tactical” capacity. I wish there were a few more shooters in the division but I’ll take what I can get. I have a feeling that I’ll be sticking with the division going into next season… but only time will tell.


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